Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s

Bark Maria

Arrive San Francisco

January 5, 1851 (Left Sydney, Australia October 12, 1849)
Master Plank 

Maria, British barkentine
From Sydney, Australia to San Francisco


86 days from Sydney, NSW, 23 passengers, 12 females


The Gold Fever in California and Australia. 1852.

134 bbls and kegs molasses and syrup, 775 bags coffee, 18,000 oranges, 6 pipes whale oil, 29 coils Manilla tow line, 11 bxs tobacco, 142 small bxs tea, 11 bskts onions, 1 case silks, 2 cases cigars, 45 rolls matting. (Image: Gold Fever in California and Australia. Illustrated London News, 1852.)

To Master.

Consignee: Chas. Brewer, Sen.

Jay Monaghan
Times changed when word of the discovery of gold reached Australia in December, 1848. The Australian economy struggled with a chronic labor shortage. Newspaper editors, anxious to retain the Australian labor force, tried first to conceal news of the discovery and, after the word leaded out, to discourage emigration. Ultimately, emigration gave way to a rush to be the first to bring foods and migrants to California markets. Australia was one of the closest sources to the gold fields for goods and immigrants. The trip from eastern Australia was shorter than the trip from the eastern United States or Europe, providing Australian merchants an advantage in the race to satisfy the ravenous appetites of the gold fields.


Bennett, Dr.
Bennett, Mrs. 
Plaistowe, Mr. 
Fletcher, Mr. J. G. 
Crowe, Mr. H. 
Dowson, Mr. 
Taylor, Mrs. 
Sullivan, Mr. J.and Mrs., 2 children 
Silver, Mr. A and Mrs., child 
Kyle, Mr. L and Mrs. 
Minton, Mr. H and Mrs., 3 children 
Noonan, Mr. J.and Mrs. 
McGuekin, Mr. W. and Mrs., child 
Jordan, Mr. J.and Mrs., child 
Otto, Mr. W. and Mrs. 
Waterman, Mr. R. and Mrs. 
Byrne, Mr. E. and Mrs. 
Millett, Mr. J. V. and Mrs. 
Metcalfe, Mr. P. and Mrs. 
Metcalfe, Miss A. 
Metcalfe, Master John 
Metcalfe, Master George 
Cadey, Mr. D and Mrs., 3 children 
Neville, Mr. T and Mrs. 
Clarke, Mr. P and Mrs. 
Steele, Mr. W. and Mrs. 
Murphy, Mr. J. and Mrs. 
Ward, Mrs. and child 
Byron, Miss 
Brown, Mr. R. 
Dolan, Mrs. 
Byron, Mrs. 
Keating, Mrs.
Whelan, Mr. P. 
Donnovan, Mr. J.
Wing, Mr. C. 
Gamble, Mr. T. A. 
Frost, Mr. R. 
Howell, Mr. T 
Prescott, Mr. J.
McGregor, Mr. J.
McDonagh, Mr. J.
Whitaker, Mr. J.
Morley, Mr. S 
McIlroy, Mr. J.
McIlroy, Mr. B 
Dunn, Mr. E 
Wallace, Mr. M. 
Heffron, Mr. M. 
Heffron, Mr. P 
Keating, Mr. P 
Dooley, Mr. J.
Langton, Mr. T 
Solomon, Mr. M.
Dillon, Mr. J.
Mullaly, Mr. P 
Bole, Mr. D 
Ephgrave, Mr. Amos 
Brown, Mr. W. 
Harris, Mr. D 
Soole, Mr. R. 
Lucas, Mr. G 
Williams, Mr. J.
Lee, Mr. P 
Lee, Mr. J.
Speerin, Mr. P 
Kennedy, Mr. M. 
Nairn, Mr. R. 
Wilkinson, Mr. T 
Dunn, Mr. R. 
Brown, Mr. J.
Knox, Mr. F. 
McMah, Mr. J.
Banks, Mr. S 
Trader, Mr. C. 
Farrier, Mr. J.
McMah, Mr. W. 
Lenegar, Mr. C. 
Conner, Mr. P 
Carmody, Mr. J.
Smith, Mr. F. 
Mylan, Mr. J.
Hynds, Mr. R. 
Dillon, Mr. T 
Huntahan, Mr. E 
Cartwright, Mr. G 
Rick, Mr. R. 
Ahern, Mr. E 
Petit, Mr. C. 
Pirkins, Mr. W. 
Bouldman, Mr. D 
Wolstencroft, Mr. W. 
Keppie, Mr. W. 
Bryant, Mr. W. 
Watson, Mr. J.
McDougall, Mr. G 
Fergusson, Mr. P 
Robson, Mr. P 
Nichols, Mr. C. R 
Reys, Mr. A 
Reys, Mr. H 
Marchall, Mr. C. [sp] 
Simmonds, Mr. E 
Gannon, Mr. J. G 
Coogan, Mr. R. 
White, Mr. E. 
Cole, Mr. W. C. 
Jennings, Mr. A. J. 
Blood, Mr. J.
Sharkey, Mr. J.
Moy, Mr. John 
Conway, Mr. M. 
Moy, Mr. James 
Sullivan, Mr. F. 
Tessdale, Mr. J.
Tessdale, Mr. R. 
Stritch, Mr. T 
Montgomery, Mr. W. 
Slattery, Mr. M.. 
Swyney, Mr. D. 
Cosgrove, Mr. W. J 
Davis, Mr. C. 
Fox, Mr. R.. H. 
Hynes, Mr. W. 
Garrigan, Mr. J.
Stocker, Mr. J.
McLean, Mr. A. 
McLean, Mr. J. 
Walsh, Mr. W. 
Bradley, Mr. G. 
Bragg, Mr. R. 
Kirby, Mr. T. 
Nangle, Mr. R. 
Bragg, Mr. J.
Dixon, Mr. T 
Simonton, Mr. W. 
Plunkett, Mr. J.
Warden, Mr. D 
Nicholson, Mr. W. 
Leary, Mr. C. 
Widdison, Mr. T 
Mason, Mr. J.
Waldron, Mr. J.
Duncan, Mr. F. 
Reed, Mr. R. 
Arkinstall, Mr. H 
Brett, Mr. W. 
Hickey, Mr. T 
Williamson, Mr. W. 
Richards, Mr. J.
Willmott, Mr. W.
Seward, Mr. C.
Sommerville, Mr. J.
Price, Mr. C. 
Hinley, Mr. H 
Morrice, Mr. D 
Dickenson, Mr. W. 
Jodes, Mr. M.. 
Cundy, Mr. R. 
Joyce, Mr. J. 
Renny, Mr. M. 
Moore, Mr. J. 
Hinigan, Mr. Thomas
McDonald, Mr. Donald
Slavin, Mr. P

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