Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


Clipper Ship Ino

Arrive San Francisco

July 12, 1852 
Captain Smith
From New York


111 days from New York via Rio Janeiro 75 days. 117 passengers (Note: Conflicting reports on the number of passengers.) Anchored off North Beach.


Per Ino--Left at Rio, barque Asa Packer, from Philadelphia for this port, with 147 passengers, was to leave April 27th.--Steamer Pioneer to leave 29th April.


Per Ino April 17th. lat 17 34 S. long 36 53, ship Antelope, 44 days from Boston for this port. June 27th, lat 28 31 N, long 131 32 W, barque Esther Frances, 65 days from Panama, via Acapulco, for this port, with 140 passengers, short of provisions -- supplied her with bread, beef, port, hams, flour, &c.


71 pkgs machinery. 2 wagons. 51 bdls plough, steel, 25 cks 60 of bbls 125 firkins butter, 18 tcs 54 bbls hams, 12 cks 20 kegs shot, 24 bdls 2 bx pick handles, 3 cks chains, 12 cs. tobacco, 150 bdls, 10 bxs sheetings, 6 anvils, 20 doz. shovels, 100 kegs sherry wine, 8 doors, 103 tons pig iron, 48 cs lard, 20 bxs fruit, 302 pkgs mdse. Merchandise to F. Argenti

Per Ino - A Black; Adams & Co.; Cooke, Bros & Co; B. C. Howe; Pollock & Co; Gibbs & Co; Turnbulil & Walton; L. Mayo9; C. Barbeau; Taffee & MaCahill; Coit & Beals; J. C. Hewett; O. H. Baggett; Paige & Webster; G. B. Post & Co; J. R. Rollinson; B. Palmer, E. J. Spencer, J. W. Brooks; W. H. Ranlett and order.

July 13, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

BACON AND HAMS - New York city -cured hams and side bacon, in canvas. Received per clipper ship Ino. For sale by EARL & CO.


Bay and Harbor, Rio de Janeiro, 1764.
Bay and Harbor
Rio de Janeiro

Arresin, C. 
Aylesworth, H. 
Bahr, Fred 
Bawden, H. 
Benchley, G. 
Benley, N. 
Bicknell, James and John 
Bloomer, A. 
Bowles, G. P. 
Brown, C. F. 
Brown, Jas. 
Brown, W. D. 
Byden, J. 
Bysbee, R. J. 
Calyer, P. 
Carrol, M. 
Chatterdon, G. S. 
Close, J. 
Collins, E. 
Curtis, N. 
Dalling, W. M. and lady 
Deane, H. S. 
Deedout, A. S. 
Dennison, W. H. 
Dinemore, P. 
Doherty, H. 
Douglass, R. 
Dunlap, A. 
Dunn, D. 
Durst, C. 
Durst, D. P. 
Fay, H. M. 
Fletcher, J. 
Flint, L. 
Fulton, D. 
Giddings, D. S. 
Gifford, J. W. 
Hardin, L. 
Harrison, T. 
Haskel, P. 
Hatch, G. 
Healey, G. P. 
Hegan, A. 
Hell, J. 
Hoffer, Jno 
Hogenchell, A. 
Hogenchell, J. 
Hume, Robert -- From Baltimore. Age 23 years. Died June 10 at sea and buried on a point five miles south of Cape St. Pedro. 
Hurback, J. H. 
Hurry, W. Jr. 
Ironmonger, C. J. 
Jack, C. 
Johnson, G. W. 
Judson, E. 
Karney, P. 
Kearney, F.H. 
Keeghan, P. 
Keenan, J. 
Laroque, F. 
Lincoln, W., lady and two children 
Lughdon, A. H. 
Mahaney, T., lady and three children 
Marion, C. 
McDonald, J. 
McRae, F. 
Moran, A. 
Nuson, W. 
O Connor, E. 
Palmer, S.L. 
Pendelton, C. 
Pendelton, R. C. 
Perry, J. 
Pilgrim, W.H. 
Plutten, F. 
Price, B. H. 
Raymond, A. 
Rice, J. B. 
Ryder, D. S. 
Sands, F. B. 
Schruder, Mrs. and three children 
Schuman, W. 
Scott, J. 
Scott, W. F. 
Shelling, J. B. 
Smith, H. 
Smith, M. 
Spetzer, W. 
Studley, S. H. 
Tarbell, D. C. 
Taylor, G. S. 
Thayer, F. M. 
Thompson, T. 
Timmerman, H. 
Vickland, A. P. 
Ward, J. S. 
Wellner, Miss M. 
White, E. 
White, Jas. 
Whittaker, J. 
Wilbur, J. S. 
Wilbur, W. 
Will, J. 
Williams, C. 
Wilson, A. 
Wilson, F. 
Wolcott, O.

Died on Board the ship Ino, June 10th, Robt. J. Hume, of Baltimore, aged 23 years. Buried on a point miles miles south of Cape St. Pedro.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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