Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


Ship George Raynes

Arrive San Francisco

February 18, 1853
Clipper Ship George Raynes
Captain Penhallow
From Boston, Massachusetts


Left Boston on October 13,1853 with 75 passengers. 127 days from Boston, via Juan Fernandez Jan 3d. Merchandise to Flint, Peabody & Co. Memoranda: Crossed the equator Jan 22d in long 114, since which time has had light winds; has been within 600 miles for the last two days.

Its passengers included various members of Hiram Scott's family who settled in an area near Santa Cruz, California. That area is now named Scott's Valley after this family. On board were Hiram Scott's father Daniel, his brothers George Edwin and Joseph Wellington, his sister Zylphia Caroline, and George's wife Anna.

George Hodgdon, a cousin of Hiram traveled with the Scott family on the George Raynes.

In 1905 Joseph Scott, one of Hiram's brothers, recalled the Scotts Valley of 1853 to a reporter for the Santa Cruz Surf. He remembered horses and cattle roamed wild. The Scotts corralled 250 horses for their own. In 1853, they harvested 10,000 bushels of wheat and barley that was sent to Santa Cruz by ox team, and then to San Francisco by ship.


Ship George Raynes from Boston will commence discharging at Broadway wharf, Monday, Feb. 21st. Consignees are requested to pay freight and receive orders for thier goods. All merchandise remaining on the wharf after 5 p.m. will be stored at the expense and risk of the owners.

Flint, Peabody & Co., 
cor Broadway and Front streets.


Eldredge & Poualand, A Martin Story, Reddington & Co, Flint, Peabody & Co., Husley, Bond & Hale, J.W. Stetson, N.L. Drew, J.F. Stuart, Whitman & Herrick, Chapin & Sawyer, J, Baler. Rankin & Co., S.W. Shelton & Co., Eveleth & Co., Whiteman & Hornik, Slade & Co., and Order.


C. Barker
E. E. Benjamin 
F. W. Bigelow
G. Clark
P. Cormin
C. H. Cushing
Mr. G. Davenport
C. Dunham
Mr. A. Fernald 
Mrs. Martha A. Fernald
Mrs. B. Fletcher
Lewis French
Mrs. Eliza French
E. Gifford
Mrs. Mary Hartwell
Masters James, William, Payette (Fayette ) and Josiah Harlow
A. W. Haskell
Mrs. Ann Haywood
Miss H. G. Haywood
G. C. Hodgden
Mrs. Julia How
E. Johnson
Mrs. Mary Kempton
Mrs. Eliza Kinsman and three children 
J. Kinsman
Mrs. Mary A. Larnan
F. W. Lewis
A. C. Littlefield
Miss Ellen E. Main (Vain )
Mrs. O. J. McKinney and four children
S. Nash
Mrs. Ann E. Rayne
J. H. Roberts
Mrs. Amanda W. Rogers
Mrs. Mary A. Rogers
G. E. Russell
A. F. Sawyer
Miss Anna Scott
Miss Catherine Scott
D. Scott
Mr. G. C. Scott
J. Scott
W. Scott
Mrs. H. Sweeny
S. Troop

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