Passengers: San Francisco 1800s

Ships in San Francisco Bay 1850.

Clarissa Andrews

Arrive San Francisco

May 22, 1852 
Captain Riddle 
From Panama


63 days from Panama. 228 passengers. Fourteen passengers and crew members died during the passage.

May 28, 1852, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California: The American ship Clarissa Andrews, from Panama, which arrived at San Francisco on Saturday last, has been seized by the Collector for a violation of the Passenger Act.

May 31, 1852: Daily Alta California, San Francisco
Great Mortality on the Ship Clarissa. 
The ship Clarissa, Capt. Andrews, which arrived from Panama after a passage of 63 days, reports the death of fourteen passengers during the trip. A list of them will be found under the proper head.

Deaths on Board: 

March 22: George Buck, aged 22, from Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 
March 25: Barnas T. Ides, aged 26, of Nelson, Portage County, Ohio 
March 29: Eli Hendricks, aged 24, of Forsyth County, Georgia 
April 8: A colored man named Lafayette (first or last name is unclear) aged 21, of Rutherford County, North Carolina 
April 8: Reuben Harman, aged 52, from County Charlotte, Parish St. James Province of New Brunswick. 
April 22: William Rice, aged 37, from Lumpkins County, Georgia 
April 25: Bridget, wife of Joseph Dickson, second officer of the Clarissa Andrews, aged 34, from New York 
April 25: Thomas M. Curtis, aged 21, from Union County, Georgia 
April 28: James Holt, aged 25, from Gilmore County, Georgia 
April 29: John A. Keith, aged 22, from Walker County, Georgia 
May 2: George W. Appleget, aged 37, from Crawfordville, Montgomery County Indiana, of consumption. 
May 12: William Bozeman, aged 35, from Cherokee County, Georgia 
May 21: Martin Sharts, aged 26, from Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York


250 tons coal to J. Noe.


Passengers per Clarissa Andrews, May 25, 1852.Adair, 
Anderson, J. 
Anderson, L. 
Arnold, B. 
Barroll, D. 
Barston, J. M. 
Baughman, D. 
Bedford, G. P. 
Bell, W. 
Benett, F. A. 
Berry, Henry 
Berry, J. C. 
Blythe, T. J. 
Braynard, H. 
Brown, C. 
Bumphrey, B. M. 
Burnham, R. 
Cain, R. 
Campbell, J. 
Carnis, M. 
Carnover, J. C. 
Carrier, J. Q. A. 
Chandler, E. R. 
Coleman, C. 
Connell, D. 
Coombs, J. 
Corwin, O. P. 
Crawford, W. H. 
Cruikshank, J. A. 
Curtis, N. 
Davis, W. 
Davis, W. 
Deane, E. C. 
Delmore, W. 
Doherty, M. 
Ducket, H. C. 
Eaton, B. 
Eck, G. 
Eoff, I. 
Everett, H. W. 
Falkington, G. 
Falty, A.B. 
Farley, Charles 
Fish, B. 
Frie, J. 
Fuller, J. 
Gaddis, P. 
Gamble, A. 
Gartner, J. 
Glover, J. 
Goodlitt, J. H. 
Gray, J. W. 
Gray, S. 
Gray, W. A. 
Grizzle, H. 
Harlane, M. C. 
Harrell, N. 
Harris, J. M. 
Hayes, G. 
Hayes, T. 
Headley, Stephen 
Hedrick, J. 
Holt, J. 
Homer, J. 
Hopper, Z. 
Hopping, W. 
Horton, J. 
Howard, P. 
Hurd, H. 
Johnson, G. M. 
Jones, J. 
Kane, A. J. 
Keck, G. W. 
Keith, R. C. 
Keuholtz, T. 
Lane, W. W. 
Lawrence, W. G. 
Lelling, E. 
Liser, C.W. 
Litton, James 
Lloyd, A. B. 
Lollar, E. M. 
Lollar, L. D. 
London, T. J. 
Mahey, A. 
Marsh, A. 
Marshall, M. 
McBrier, T.W. 
McConnell, D. A. 
McConnell, S. M. 
McCullough, J. W. 
McLaughlin, D. R. 
McManas, A. 
McMim, J. H. 
Middling, G. 
Miller, R. 
Mills, J. 
Morgan, J. 
Morland, R. 
Morris, R. M. 
Morrison, A. J. 
Morrison, R. 
Mosher, C. 
Nibb, J. 
Norton, P.E. 
Osborn, T. 
Payne, D. 
Pearsey, J.M. 
Ray, W. and two sons 
Reckey, J. 
Redmond, J.R. 
Reed, J. 
Rice, William 
Rimneer, S. 
Rise, J. C. 
Rockey, R. 
Rutherford, W. B. 
Shaw, M. 
Smith, C. 
Smith, J. 
Smith, J.A. 
Smith, J.F. 
Smith, J.H. 
Snow, D. 
Strickland, P. 
Swain, J.R. 
Sweeney, C. 
Sweeney, M. 
Thomas, L. P., son and servant 
Torr, J. 
Wheeler, N. 
White, S. 
Whitesdale, C. W. 
Williams, James 
Wirngo, T. J. 
Wood, A.


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