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San Francisco Gold Rush 1849.

Unclaimed Goods in San Francisco

Many ships were abandoned when their sailors ran off to try their luck in the gold fields. It was impossible to find crews, and quite a few rotted and sunk. However, wise entrepreneurs used them for other purposes, boarding houses and storeships being the most common.

Travel Trunks, 1900s.

The following is a list from the store ship Panama. The listing of unclaimed goods seems sad testimony of the fate of the people who left their few precious belongings in the hands of someone and then didn't or couldn't get back to claim them. 

July 8, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


THE FOLLOWING CHESTS, TRUNKS, &c. on board store shipPanama, having been unclaimed for upwards of one year, the owners thereof are hereby notified that they will be sold at auction on the 10th day of July next, unless previously called for (Editor's Note: The following is a partial list): 

Unclaimed Goods
J. Morton, 1 chest Unknown, 1 chest
J.L. McDurmot, 1 chest Porter " Co., 1 chest
E. Loyd, (H.V.), 1 quadrant S.N. Martin, 1 chest
Capt. W. Taylor, 2 chests Joseph Gam, 1 box tobacco
P.B.R., 1 chest J.A. Chambers, 1 chest
Dr. S.S. Seyna, 1 chest Gibbs, 1 chest
J.L.T.K., 1 trunk S. Babbett, 1 trunk, 1 bag
Traok, 1 box, 1 bag J.O., 1 bag
Lewes, J., 1 trunk Danl Perry, 1 chest
Ths. Scott, 1 chest J.B. Chase, 3 boxes
G.E. Delere, 1 chest G.W. Blanchard, 1 bx bedding
Jno Shreave, 1 chest No mark, 1 bag
W. Holdredge, 1 chest H. Shalmon, 1 bag, 1 keg sugar
Jas Angie, 1 chest Jos Perkins, 1 chest
Jas Burns, 1 chest Celestine Barnsuce, 1 trunk
Hiram Weeks, 1 chest Francis Denny, 1 chest
A.A. Co., 1 bx tobacco, 1 bx soap Holley, 4 chests
Eddy, 1 gun H.P.C., 1 bag
S.R. Eddy, 1 trunk Capt. J. Bowers,, 1 chest, 1 violin
HR.H. Chesley, RHC, 1 chest, 1 brl pork J.J. Newman, 1 box, 1 mortar
W. Tucker, 1 gold washer Geo. Smith, 1 brl beef
Holyhoke Co., 1 box clothing Dr. Houp, 1 brl crucibles

The Naval Order of the United States has a history dating from 1890. Membership includes a wide range of individuals, many with highly distinguished career paths.

The San Francisco Commandery meets the first Monday of each month at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club in San Francisco, California and holds two formal dinners each year.

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