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Havana Cigars!

October 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco



The undersigned have the pleasure of announcing to the public that they are now in the regular receipt by steamers and clippers of the finest brands of


Imported into California

One of the members of our house resides in Havana and makes it his especial business to select for us all the best brands that are to be found in that market. We have made such arrangements that every cigar of the best reputation can only be obtained by us, and we are confident that no other house in San Francisco can receive direct such a supply and assortment as we.

It is not necessary to speak to those acquainted with our stock, and to those who are not we can say, that they can only and always find the best quality of:


In our store, and every box in our establishment, besides the brand of the manufacturers, has a label affixed, by them, to accredit us as their sole agent in California.

The stock consists of the following celebrated brands:

Cabanas y Caravajal Imperiales
Cabanas y Caravajal Cazadores
Cabanas y Caravajal Regalia
Cabanas y Caravajal Regalia de Londres
Cabanas y Caravajal Regalia chika
Cabanas y Caravajal Londres
Cabanas y Caravajal Prensados
La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, Imperiales
La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, Cazadores
La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, Regalia Caballeros
La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, Regaliia de Londres
La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, Regalia de la Reina
La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, Entre Actos
La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, Patentes
La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, Londres
La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, Brevas
La Patria Imperiales
La Patria Cazadores de Regalia
La Patria Regalia
La Patria Regalia de Londres
La Patria Regalia de la Reina
La Patria Actos
La Patria Londres
La Patria Trabucos
La Patria Brevas Intimidad Regalia
Intimidad Regalia de Londres
Intimidad Media Regalia Martinez Ybor Regalia, (Medalie)
Martinez Ybor Media Regalia (Medalie)
Martinez Ybor Regalia de Londres (Medalie)
Martinez Ybor Prensados (Medalie)
Martinez Ybor Londres (Medalie) La Eleccion Regalia
La Eleccion Regalia de Londres
La Eleccion Londres
La Eleccion Prensados
La Eleccion Bravas Ugues Regalia
Ugues Cazadores
La Flor de La Fama, Regalia extra
La Flor de La Fama, Regalia de Londres
La Flor de La Fama, Londres
La Flor de La Fama, Regalia de la reins
Figaro Regalia
Figaro Regalia Britanica
Figaro Cilyndradons
Figaro Londres
Higuera Regalia de Londres
Higuera Regalia
Higuera Regalia Regalia de la reina
Higuera Regalia Elegantes
Gutierez y Vilaro, Regalia fina
Gutierez y Vilaro Regalia de Londres
Gutierez y Vilaro Londres
Paretz y Pons Regalia de Londres
Paretz y Pons Regalia de la reina
El Cinto de Orion Regalia
El Cinto de Orion Media Regalia
La Espanola Regalia fina
La Espanola Regalia de Londres
La Espanola Regalia Espartero
La Espanola Preusados
La Espanola Londres
Martinez e Hijo Regalia especial
Martinez e Hijo Regalia de Londres
Maratinez e Hijo Trabucos
Monton Regalia de Londres
La Mora Regalia de Londres
Henry Clay Regalia fina
Henry Clay Regalia de Londres
Henry Clay Preusados
Henry Clay Londres
Rendueles Regalia
La Fama Imperiales
La Fama Caballeros
La Fama Regalia
La Fama Regalia de Londres
La Fama Media Regalia
La Fama Londres
La Fama Regalia de la Reina
Rio Hondo Regalia Comune
Rio Hondo Regalia
Rio Hondo Media Regalia
Rio Hondo Regalia de Londres
Rio Hondo Londres
Rio Hondo Cilyndradons
Rio Hondo Vegueros
La Sevillana Regalia
La Oreland Regalia

Consuelo Londres
Constante Londres
La Newton Imperales
La Newton Regalia
La Newton Regalia de Londres
La Newton Media Regalis
La Newton Caballeros
La Newton Reevas
Jenny Lind Regalia della Reina
Jenny Lind Regalia
Dos Banderas Imperiales
Dos Banderas Regalia
Dos Banderas Prince de Joinville
Dos Banderas de la Hoja
Dos Banderas Imperials (Medalie)

El Imperio Londres
El Imperio Cazadores
El Imperio Bravaaas
El Tulipan Cazadoras
El Tulipan Regalia
El Tulipan Vegueros Proyrama Integridad Regalia
Integridad Londrez
Lory Byron Imperiales
Lord Byron Regalis
Lord Byron Londres
Noriega Regalia
Primera Diana Regalia
El Leon de Oro Regalia
El Leon de Oro Londres
Cigarritos Figaro
Cigarritos de Mendoza
Cigarritos Garcia
Cigarritos Montoroz
Cigarritos Tres Hermanos
Cigarritos Tres Indias

And many other superior brands, too numerous to mention.

As regards the above named brand of La Flor de Cabanas, Partagas y Ca, of which a sole agency has been proclaimed in this city, we wish to notify the public that we are, and will be, the only receivers of said brand from Messrs. Partagas & Co. in Havana, for the State of California, and we will always them.

The above, and many other choice Havana cigars, are offered for sale at reasonable prices.

May 27, 1891, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

They Come in Chests With a Lock and Key and Cost $1.30 Apiece

Ad for cigars from San Francisco Call May 21, 1913.

The diversity of human taste is nowhere more apparent than among the customers of a big cigar-store. In these days everybody smokes, but everybody doesn't smoke alike. The men who buy the costliest cigars are the bankers and brokers. Asa Potter, the bank President, smokes a very fine small cigar, and his practice is a pretty good index to the tastes of most bankers, says a writer in the Globe-Democrat. They usually select cigars that cost 20 cents or 25 cents apiece at retail, and they nearly always choose very small "smokers." Politicians rather like a heavy, fat cigar, and ministers, of whom we have many customers, buy their cigars altogether by Hip box, and choose a long "smoke." They don't often look for a particular kind of tobacco.

Lots of money is spent by men for cigars which they don't use themselves, and they buy costly cigars in a quick, careless way, and then spend some time in selecting a less costly "smoke" that is quite evidently for their own use.

The costliest cigars that we have retail at $33 for twenty-five cigars. This means about $1.30 apiece for each cigar. The cigars of this kind that we sell are very large and of the finest Havana. They are wrapped in sheaths of cold foil, and come in polished cabinet boxes, each chest having lock and key, ana containing a highly ornamented cover. The cigars are so large that it would take a man a good deal over an hour to smoke one entirely out.


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