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Wheat to Great Britain

Editor's Note: As did many vessels, the British ship Cherwell, sailed in and out of San Francisco during the late 1800s with various merchandise, but especially wheat to Great Britain. A reader specifically asked about the Cherwell. Following are a selection of the newspaper listings of her arrivals, departures.

The Cherwell, Nicholson Master, 1170 tons, 210 feet long, was built in Middlesbro in 1864 and owned by E. Bates & Sons, Liverpool. Home port Liverpool.

August 9, 1877, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California

The Cherwell, Captain Weale, loading at Sydney June 29.

December 1877: The British ship Cherwell, 1170 tons, was chartered to sail to Manila and return with Hemp and Sugar, $9,500.

April 25, 1878, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Cherwell, Captain Weale, loading in Manila.

May 10, 1878, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California

We have circular advices from Manila up to April 5th. The Cherwell had arrived from San Francisco with 8000 qr sks of Flour, which was selling at $8 per four qr sks, cash. There had been free importations from China, selling at $7@7 60 per four qr sks. Advices from Europe had caused the Hemp market to stiffen, and Current had advanced from $5 25@5 60 per picul, with still upward tendency. Prices of Sugar had further advanced, and important contracts were reported of Extra about No. 10 D. S. at $5 183/4, $5 25@5 37 2/1 per picul, of Extra about No. 9 D. S. at $ 87 1/2, $4 94@ 5 12 1/2 per picul; of Superior about No. 7 D. S. at $4 50, $4 62 1/2, $4.75 !4 87 1/2 per picul and of Taal at $3 12 1/2 @ 3 18 3/4 per picul. There was a good demand at these figures, and the tendency was to advance still further.

Dealers were well engaged into May, and were reluctant sellers. At Yloilo Superior had been settled at $4 18 3/4 per picul and $4 25 per picul was asked at date of last advices; for Current $3 12 1/2 per picul had been paid. At Cebu $3 25 per picul for Current and $3 87 1/2 per picul for Superior was demanded. The Ellen Munroe left on April 2d for San Francisco with 1114 piculs Hemp and 27,000 do Sugar. The Bonanza was to take on 2000 bales Hemp and 1200 tons Sugar, the Antelope 1400 bales Hemp and 1650 tons Sugar, and the Cherwell 2000 bales Hemp and 1260 tons Sugar, the Antelope was to receive $1 per bale for Hemp and $3 per ton for Sugar, under Hongkong charter. The Cherwell was to load under a home charter. The Frolic arrived from San Francisco on March 20th.

June 21, 1878, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California

Shipping Intelligence: Arrived

June 21: Br ship Cherwell, Neale, 67 days from Manila; sugar, etc., to Rodgers, Meyer & Co.

June 23, 1878, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

The British ship Cherwell, which arrived yesterday from Manila, reports that when passing Ohosima Island (Loo Choos) sixty miles to the leeward, the entire crew became sick from the smell of sulphur, supposed to forge from a volcanic eruption, as smoke was seen issuing from a mountain five days previous.

June 27, 1878, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

British ship Cherwell, 1170 tons, Wheat to Liverpool, owners' account.

The total amount of disengaged tonnage at this date, according to the list presented below, is 50,086 tons, against 45,686 in the previous week, or an increase of 4400 tons.

Nearly all of the vessels which have arrived of late were under previous charter to load wheat to Great Britain. Of the vessels below pesented on the engaged list three are to load wheat on owners account. The quotable rates to Liverpool are 2 7s 6d for wooden vessels, and 2 10s for iron.

The following vessels are understood to be disengaged at this writing: Three Brothers, 2973; Grisedale, 1288; Undine, 993; Bonanza, 1356; Oakworth, 1212; Lottie Warren, 1184; Ocean King, 2516; Serena. 510; Majestic, 1170; Dauntless. 995; Cyane, 293; Langlale, 1302; Armenia, 1699; Robt. Diion, 1367; Erricsson. 1645; Washington Libby, 1048: Charger, 1444; Germanla, 1216; Antelope, 1306: Grecian, 3677; Rajah, 964; Sintrem, 1674; Sonoma, 1063; Two Brothers, 1382; Ellen Munroe, 1383; B. F. Watson, 993; Eskdale, 1235; Cordillera. 885; Cape Clear. 880: Equateur, 531; Isle of Bute, 983; Elle, 260; M. Nottebaum, 1169; M. P. Grace. 1928; Sheet Ancnor, 212; Thos. M. Reed, 1517; Concordia, 463; Gateacre. 1409; J. W. Marr, 1296; W. A. Hogorgb, 953; Wm. G. Davis, 1669.

The engagements reported since last Wednesday have been as follows:

Cherwell November 1880.

  • British ship Lochee, 1812 tons, Wheat to Cork, U. K., 1 17s 6d, prior to arrival
  • British ship Bremen, 2794 tons, Wheat to Liverpool, owners' account
  • British ship Evelyn, 1179 tons. Wheat to Cork, U. K. 3. prior to arrival.
  • British ship Lammermoor, 1710 tons, Wheat to Cork, U. K., 3, prior to arrival.
  • British ship Ettrickdale, 1345 tons. Wheat to Cork, U. K. 3. 15s prior to arrival.
  • British ship Cherwell, 1170 tons, Wheat to Liverpool, owners' account.
  • British bark Lindores Abbey, 886 tons. Wheat to Cork, U.K. 2 7s 6d prior to arrival.
  • British bark Shakespeare, 794 tons, Wheat to Cork, U. K. prior to arrival
  • Bark California, 795 tons, Lumber to Honolulu via Burrard's Inlet, $8.
  • Hawaiian bark lolani, 860 tons, Wheat to Cork, U. K. 3
  • Chilean bark Dorsetshire, 391 tons, Lumber to Coquimbo via Mendocino
  • British bark Mabel Young, 950 tons, Wheat to Liverpool, owners' account
  • Barkentine Monitor, 236 tons, Lumber to Honolulu via Humboldt Bay
  • Schooner Eustace, 184 tons, Mdse to Mexico.
  • Schooner Greyhound, 149 tons, Mdse to Tahiti.
  • Schooner Humboldt, 139 tons, Mdse to Mexico.

August 3, 1878, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

The Cherwell, Neale, cleared today with 20,029 ctls of wheat valued at $34,050. To Liverpool via Magdalena Bay.

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