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Please note: Merchant ship arrivals are included to give an idea of the volume and type of goods into early San Francisco. If you had the money, you could have anything your heart desired. Listings are by no means complete; names of passengers on these vessels are often unavailable.

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  • January 1: U.S.M. Steamship Northerner. Captain H. Randall, Esq. 14 days 20 hours from Panama, via intermediate ports. Merchandise to E. Knight. 500 passengers.
  • January 1: Schooner Golden Rule. Captain Van Name. 14 days from Honolulu. Cargo: 8 casks, 22 bbls whale oil and three packages merchandise to J. McCarty. Passengers: Bradley; S. Brannan; Doherty; J. Fowler; John Franklin; Gleason; S. May; S.H. Richy; Segula; Mr. Scovill, lady and child; Mr. Selover, lady and nephew; Swasey; Taylor; Turner; Franklin Whitney; G. Whitney; and 25 unidentified in steerage.
  • January 2: Steamship Gold Hunter. Captain Bodfish. 23 days from San Juan via Acapulco and San Diego. To R.J. Vandewater. 200 passengers.
  • January 2: Barque Lysia. Brazilian. Captain Barbazan. 55 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise to J. Garret & Co. 100 passengers
  • January 2: Barque Sultan. Captain Welch. 190 days from Bordeaux via Valparaiso (50 days). Merchandise to J. Maury, Jr. 2 passengers.
  • January 9: Vessels listed as in the harbor, "not moored in accordance with the regulations of the port . . . thereby endangering themselves and others, near them, besides risking the loss or damage of their cargoes:" Brig Gilbert Jamison; Storeship Ocean Hero; Schooner Piedmonte; Storeship Cyrus; Storeship Anne; Barque Rowland; Brig Othello; Storeship Canton; Barque Marie; Brig Ocean; Schooner Capacity; Ship George Thatcher; Storeship Galileo; Barque Burnham; Brig Challenge; Storeship Regulus; Barque San Francisco; Storeship Rob Roy; Barque Martha; Barque Russell;Barque Evelina; Barque Powhatan; Barque J.J. Cobb; Brig Mary Helen; Storeship Siroc; Brig Charlotte; Storeship Wm. & James; Barque Juno; Brig Palermo; Ship Bazar; Barque Backus; Steamer El Dorado; Storeship Elizabeth; Ship Nile; Storeship John Adams; Steamer Washington; Barque Canada; Ship Ontaro; Barque Edward; Brig Tepic; Ship Seine; Barque John Farnworth Brig E.P. Wolf; Storeship Damariscott; Ship Elizabeth.
  • January 10: Schooner L.M. Yale, Captain Buckman, from Tahiti. Passage: Departed Tahiti on November 30, 1851. Cargo: 40,000 oranges and 2,000 limes. Passengers: S.A. Dunn; J. Miner; D. Monroe; J. Moses; J.C. Bense; C.L. Morrelle; P. Linch; Mrs. Linch; J.E. Hathaway.
  • January 10: Schooner Laura Bevan, Captain Pierce, 16 days from Lahaina, Sandwich Islands. Cargo: 5000 gallons Polar oil, 250 bbls potatoes, 100 bunches of bananas, 13,000 oranges, 18 hogs, 4,000 coconuts and 4 bags of coffee. Passengers: G.F. Putnam; B. Palmer.
  • January 13: Clipper ship Comet, Captain E.C. Gardiner, 100 days from New York. She left New York in October 1851 and was the first of a small fleet of these vessels enroute to San Francisco. She was scheduled to sail from San Francisco to Canton, China and thence to London. Cargo: 3 piano-fortes, 20 rolls carpet, nails, oysters, 2 boats, 24 carriage wheels, 1 case pistols, 18 wagons, 6 lumber wagons, cheese and assorted goods. Passengers: Rev. E. Corwin and lady; J. J. Gage; Mrs. Washburn; Mrs. U. Valler and two children; Mrs. Speckles and two children; W. H. Appleman and lady; A. G. Perry; A. A. Branda; J. Coddington.
  • January 14: Clipper ship John Wade, Captain Willis, 126 days from Boston, Massachusetts. Anchored off North Beach in San Francisco Harbor. Experienced continued head winds on the voyage and was 71 days to Cape Horn and 16 days from the line to San Francisco. Captain Willis is formerly of ship Hannibal. Dimensions of the John Wade are: 640 tons, 145 ' length, breadth of beam 31', depth of hold 17'. This vessel built at Medford, Massachusetts by Mr. H.S. Cudworth. The John Wade was off the mouth of San Francisco harbor for three days. Cargo: One fire engine, one plough, two anvils, tins of venison, cider, chocolate, rum, iron shutters, one safe, wine, furniture, boots, 10 kegs of lead, pork, shovels and assorted goods. Passengers: Capt. C. Hover, lady and three children; Mrs. Remington and two children; Mrs. Fieldsted; A. Haskins; G.W. Newman; Mrs. E. White, two children and servant.
  • January 15: Helen A. Miller, Captain Galt, 152 days from Baltimore, Maryland, via Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Leaving Rio on October 19, 1852. Cargo: Pepper sauce, yeast powder, mustard, hams, beds, ale and porter, bacon, shovels and assorted cargo. Passengers: Mrs. Dyer; Mrs. Trust; Mrs. Latimer.
  • January 16: Daily Alta California, Memorada: Per Salem -- Left an Juan Fernandez barque Eliza, Moorehead, loading for Callao, to sail soon.
  • January 18: Brig J. B. Lunt, Captain Daggett, from New York via Astoria, Oregon (7 days). Cargo: 21,600 feet oak plank, 21,000 feet lumber and 2,400 bushels of potatoes. Passengers: W. Adams; J. F. Miller; R. W. Cussan; J. Janney; R. C. Smith; R. J. Cresson
  • January 21: Passengers per Roanoke: Messrs Hammond, Capt. Whiting, Messrs Callahan, Hodge, DePew, Southers and Gordon
Cape Horn.


  • February 5: Clipper Golden Gate. Captain Trumen. 113 days from New York via Cape Horn. She ran 290 miles in one day during the journey. Cargo: Butter, glassware, soap, shovels, vices, 38 anvils, shoes and boots, pipes and tobacco, 53 plates of boiler iron, 2 wagons, 1 keg shot and balls, horseshoes, 203 tons coal, wine, boots and assorted goods. Passengers: Mr. Sabatie; Mrs. Reed, son and three daughters.


  • March 4: Barque Augusta, Captain Barnett. 200 days from London, England, via Falkland Islands. Cargo: 50 cases glass, 200 tons coal, 1 case flannel, 636 bags of oats, 900 bags barley, 100 cans oil (type not specified), 430 casks beer, 1 safe, and a large quantity of gin, wine, brandy and cordial. Passengers: Mr. F. Abell; R. Carter; Mrs. Elizabeth Greenwood; Master John Greenwood; Mrs. Elizabeth Maester; Mr. Charles Pace and lady; ten unidentified in steerage.
  • March 8: Clipper Northern Light. Captain Bailey. 109 days from Boston, Massachusetts. Cargo: 2 boxes liquor pumps, 10 tons and 146 plates of pig iron, 94 bars iron, 1 scale, 50 boxes lamps, 1 case steel, 6 wagons, 1 coach, 234 boxes furniture, 62 packages glassware, 15 boxes oil cloth, 63 anvilles, saddlery, gunny bags, 110 tons coal, 3 whippletrees, 50 plough castings, 12 plough braces, 110 bbls cement, 265 doors, 1 boiler, drugs, boots, liquor, seeds and candles. 19 passengers.
  • March 10: Ship Tarolinta. Captain Cave. 56 days from Valparaiso, Chile. She brought word that the emigration from Chile to California has amounted to nearly 1000 individuals that have sailed from the port of Valparaiso. Disturbances in mining and agricultural districts contributed to the movement. Cargo: 8000 fanagas of barley. Passengers: Mr. W. W. Snelling, H. Woodward, and 25 unidentified in steerage.
  • March 25: Br. ship Henbury, Clark, 63 days from Hongkong, mdse to Smith Brothers. Passengers: Messrs R.P. Wood, B.F. Moses, S.P. Goodale -- and 236 Chinamen.
  • March 25: Br ship Land o'Cakes, Grant, 52 days from Hongkong; ballast, to Joseph Frontin; 289 Chinamen passengers.
  • March 25: Chile ship Mercedes, Loff, 44 days from Valparaiso; mdse to F.S. Alvarez; 142 passengers. Memoranda: Feb 26, lat 4 12 S, lon 103 W, passed two wh ships steering N. The Ham barque Serio, for this port, sailed Feb 1; Dan brig Corca, for do, 9th.
  • March 25: Br. barque Legerderman, Trenowth, 140 days from Lisbon; wine, &c. to Dupuy, Foulkes & Co. Importations: 66 mohys salt, 13 doz mats, 7 dozen deal boards, 3 bales bags, 40 qtls corks, 1279 bbls wine and almonds, 50 bbls vinegar, 40 cs. wine, 7 kegs shot, 120 bxs raisins, 5 bbls beans, 7 do peas, 4 cs shelled almonds, 12 bbls walnuts, 10 kegs olives, 9 bxs preserved fruit, 10 cs olive oil, 10 bbls almonds, 48 cs wine, 10 bbls almonds and vinegar, 12 do almonds.
  • March 25: Br barque Princess Royal, Wynn, 48 days from Valparaiso; mdse to W. Meyer & Co; 110 passengers.
  • March 25: Prus barque Frederick Boehm, Wollner, 73 days from Hongkong; mdse to J. Frontin; 179 passengers.
  • March 25: Brig J. W. Havener, Staples, 47 days from Valparaiso; mdse to Grogan & Lent; 18 passengers: Mrs. Rosa Alvarez and 2 children. Miss C. Garcia. Jiss J. Vilarel, P. Munoz, A Myers, A. Parra, and 8 steerage.


Tautira, Tahiti
John La Farge (1835-1910)
  • April 22: Clipper ship Challenge, Land, 33 days from Hongkong in ballast to Alsop & Co. 550 passengers.


    This splendid vessel has performed the quickest passage between the coast of China and North Western America yet recorded in our annals of modern voyages. She left Hongkong on the nineteenth of March, and the coast of Japan on the 5th of April, arriving in this harbor early yesterday morning 33 days time. (Noted as arriving on April 22, and again on April 30). She brings 553 passengers, and Hongkong papers to the 17th March. Also, advices from the Cape of Good Hope to the 16th January, several weeks later than have been received in this country via England.)

    New York." Says the Friend of China, March 13th : " Leaving New York on the 5th of December with a full cargo (between decks chock-a-block of lead, bale goods, ginseng, flour, etc. and drawing nineteen feet of water, she has made the run to this port in ninety two days, and considering the period at the year at which it has been done, there can be no reason in objecting to call it the fastest passage ever made.

  • April 22: Clipper ship Eclipse, Hamilton, 104 days from New York, via Valparaiso, 39 days. This is her second visit to San Francisco.
    Mdse to Beck & Elam. Memoranda: Made the run from New York to Valparaiso in 64 days, and was several days off Cape Horn, in calms and light winds. Left at Valparaiso ship Seaman's Bride from New York for this port; had put in in distress, with loss of foremast, and would sail in 20 days.
  • The Ship Pactolus. The ship Pactolus for this part March 13 with 200 pass. The Eclipse had light, baffling winds north of the equator. Her best day's run 325 miles. The first night out from New York carried away jib-boom.
    A Landlubber's Log of a Voyage Around the Horn, 1879: Being a Journal Kept During a Voyage From Philadelphia to San Francisco Via Cape Horn in the Pactolus, Captain Colcord (Classic Reprint)The Ship Pactolus.
  • April 22: Ship Georgia, Soule, 148 days from New York. Mdse to E. Knight.
  • April 22: Ship Osceola (Br), Waite, 60 days from Hongkong, in ballast Macondray & Co. 469 passengers.
  • April 22: Brig Condor (Br), Cammas, 35 days from Mazatlan. Mdse to master. 70 passengers; 36 females
  • April 22: Three-masted schooner Ospray, Griggs, 76 days from Hobart Town, VDL. Produce to Starkey Bros. 3 passengers.
  • April 23: Ship Benjamin Howard, Shrene, 120 days from Boston. Mdse to Flint, Peabody & Co. 14 passengers;
  • April 23: Barque Whiton, Smith, 70 days from Sydney, coal to J. N. Sleddon. 20 passengers.
    Per Whiten Left at Sydney, clipper ship Nightingale, from Boston, for Canton, dischg; brig William Penn, Webster, from Fejee Islands; wh ship Sheffield Roy, from Arctic Seas for do, undergoing repairs; wh ship Phoenix, Winslow, repg. for some of the islands, to ship crew; brig Sarah Abigail, Falkenburg, from San Francisco for Melbourne, sold; brig Columbus, Bond from do, for do, sold; brig Gulnare (Br), Nosworthy, from and to San Fran Feb 15th; barque Speed, (Br) Connal, do do, Feb 20th; bqe Lavinia. (Br) do do Feb 25th; ship Harmony, (Br) for do, uncert; ship Mary Catharine, (Br) Brocki for Batavia. Feb 10; ship Vincent, (Br) Young, for London, uncert; bqe Hamlet (Br) Wilson, for do, uncert; chip (Br) Emperor, . . .
  • April 23: Barque Trenton, Grant, 6 days from Columbia river to M. Thompson.
  • April 23: Brig Sidi Hamet, Anderson, 32 days from Tahiti. Oranges to order.
  • April 23: Nicolay Nicolaysen, Fiefer, 63 days from Hongkong. Mdse to order. 100 passengers.
  • April 23: Jacob M. Ryerson, Morton, 33 days from Realejo; produce to J. H. Craigmiles. 14 passengers.
  • April 23: Schr Pilgrim, Mayo, 48 days from Tahiti. Oranges to master.
  • April 23: Schr L. M. Yale, Bucknam, from Tahiti. To H. R. Reed & Co.
    Per L M Yale Left at Tahiti, corvette Thisbe, (Fr) Bernard; corvette Durance, (Fr) Vincent, wtg orders; corvette Proserpine, (Fr) Jugan, sld for France Mar 17th; brig of-war Anna, (Fr) repg; schr Kamehameha (Fr) in ordinary; schr Emma, (Fr) Ride, for San Francisco, in 3 or 4 weeks; schr Naomi, Ruffio, for Sydney, sold to take French flag; schr Fides, Carlton, for San Francisco, Mar 31; brig Sidi Humet, Anderson, for do; brig (Br) Rosalind, Luff, for do, waiting for a cargo; brig Vesta, Simpkins, for do in 20 da; bqe Julia, (Chil) Labor, for Valparaieo in 15 da; bqe Sutton (Br) McKenzie, dischg; bqe Pearl (Br) Harrison; schr Koh-i-noor, (Br) Levien, repg; wh ship Pie IX, Lecrosnier, for a cruise; bqe Callao, Clarke, to commence ldg in 25 days.
  • April 24: Ship Minerve (Fr), Jacobe 140 days from Bordeaux, via Valparaiso 50 days. Wines, etc., to Pomereix. 2 passengers.
  • April 25: Schr Queen of the West, Ashby, 5 days from Santa Barbara. 2,000 crawfish to master.
  • April 27: Barque Ellen Noyes, Lewis, 178 days from Boston, via Talcahuana 60 days. Mdse to Hussey, Bond & Hale. 6 passengers; 2 females.
  • April 27: Barque Sabrina (Br), Kemp, 58 days from Auckland, N.S.W., produce to P. Leversby, on board. 2 passengers.
  • April 28: Ship Courser, Cole, 108 days from Boston. Mdse to Macondray & Co. 6 pass.
  • April 28: Ship Constant (Br), Coombs, 73 days from Hongkong in ballast to Montefiore & Burgoyne. 250 Chinese passengers.
  • April 28: Ship Frederick VII (Dutch) Boysen, from Hamburg via Rio de Janeiro and Valparaiso. 52 days. Mdse to master. 6 passengers, 2 females.
  • April 28: Ship Mariquita (French), Balmel, 137 days from Bordeaux. Wines, etc. to J. J. Pommares. 3 passengers.
  • April 30: U. S. S. Vandalia, W. H. G., Commander
    Arrived 18 days from Honolulu, S. I., where she has been stationed for the last five months. The following is the list of her officers:
    William H. Gardner, Commander; Robert E. Johnson, Reed Warden, T. Harman Patterson, Lieutenants; John P. Bankhead, Acting Lieutentant; James C. Palmer, Surgeon; John V. B. Bleecker, Purser; Walter V. Gilliss, Acting Master; Robert Carter, Assistant Surgeon; Jacob Read, Lieutenant of Marines; John B. Stewart, A. W. Habersham, H. St. George Hunter, Stephen B. Luce, Passed Midshipmen; Chas. H. Cushman, Midshipman Ottokar Henkel, Acting Midshipman; Zachary Whitmarsh, Boatswain; John D. Brandt, Gunner; Robert M. Bain, Carpenter; John W. North, Sailmaker; John Robbins, Captain's Clerk; John M. Warrington, Pursers Clerk.
  • April 30, 1852-May 1, 1852
  • News, Passenger Lists and Cargo by the Blonde


    The British ship Blonde arrived this morning, 63 days from Panama. She brings 300 passengers, and reports 18 deaths on board since leaving. Deceased on board barque Blonde:
    • Feb 23. Dennis Racer, of Delaware county, Indiana
    • Feb 23. Thomas Pearson of Nova Scotia.
    • Mar 1: Charles Dazotell
    • Mar 2: Gurley Russell, of Monroe county, Ohio.
    • Mar 3: Parcus E. Shelden
    • Mar 4: Evelin J. Randalll, Greenboro, Vt.
    • Mar 4: J. S. Thompkins, Cayuga County, New York
    • Mar 8: Francis Pargman, New York city.
    • Mar 9: Geo. W. Meade, Belmont county, Ohio.
    • Mar 13: Orlando J. Mitchell, Delhi, New York.
    • Mar 13: Jas H. Houston, Philadelphia
    • Mar 16: Soren P. Fairman, Albany, N. Y.
    • Mar 18: Henry Hagadon, East Palmyra, N. Y.
    • Mar 22: C. B. Morton, Augusta, Me.
    • Mar 24: Cornelius Neal, Wheeling, Va.
    • Mar 29: Chas P. Bartleson, Will county, Ill.
    • Mar 31: Ambrose Jagger, Wayne county, N.Y.
    • Apr 2: William M. Cooper, Fountain county, Ind.


  • May 2: British ship Satellite, Markham, 53 days from Valparaiso, coal &c to E.D. Heatly & Co. 13 passengers
  • May 2: British barque Cape Breton, Reed, 80 days from San Antonio (Chile). Barley to Larco & Co. 3 passengers.
  • May 2: British barque British Merchant, Wilkinson, 61 day sfrom Valparaiso. Coal & to master. 58 passengers
  • May 2: Schooner Velasco, Worth, 36 days from Huaina (Society Islands). 200,000 oranges to order. Sailed in company with schooner Julius Ringle for this port.
  • May 2: Schooner Fides, Carlton, 36 days from Tahiti. Oranges & to E.P. Adams
  • May 2: Schooner Sophia, Baldwin. 39 days from Tahiti. Oranges to S. Knott
  • May 2: Schooner Gazelle, Stoddard. 18 days from Lahaina. Merchandise to master.
  • May 9: Ship Oxnard, Hinckley, 150 days from Boston. Merchandise and 2 passengers, to Macondray & Co.
  • May 7: British ship Rajasthan, Anderson. 55 days from Hongkong. Merchandise to Macondray & Co. 320 passengers. Anchored off North Beach.
  • May 10: Peruvian ship Maria, Captain Adams, 44 days from Panama. Cargo: In ballast. Passengers: Mr. W.B. Spencer and lady; 92 unidentified in steerage.
  • May 11: British ship Robert Small, Small, 53 days from Hongkong with 8500 tiles to order. 378 passengers. Left ship Witchcraft, Rogers, for this port in two days, and others before reported. Anchored off North Beach.
  • May 12: Dutch barque Echo, DeLaney, 183 days from Amsterdam, via Valparaiso 76 days. Merchandise to Gildermeester, DeFremery & Co. Anchored opposite Griffin's wharf.
  • May 15: Schooner Edward L. Frost, Captain Hempsted, 19 days from Lahaina, Sandwich Islands. Cargo: Produce, 90 bbls polar oil, syrup, sugar, 6 tons of coal. Passenger: Mr. E.D. Newell.
  • May 17: The clipper ship Witchcraft, built in 1850 for the California and China trade, arrived in San Francisco 44 days from Hong Kong, Captain Rogers, on May 17, 1852. Merchadise to Macondray & Co. 344 passengers: C. Woodbury and servant, B. C. Howard and 342 Chinamen in steerage; 8 died on the passage.
  • May 20: United States revenue cutter Frolic, Douglas Ottinger, commander, left San Diego, May 7th.
    J. R. Rartlette, Esq., of the boundary commission, and party, expected to leave in four or five days. Steamship Constitution was waiting for coal; passengers generally in health. Schr Mexico, sailed on the 7th, bound to the southward. May 11th, left at Santa Barbara, brig Fremont, dischg; schr Sophia, with sheep from Santa Rosa Island for San Francisco, put into Santa Barbara for provisions and water; on the 15th, left steamer Ohio, at San Luis Obispo, schr Laura Bevan sailed from Monterey on the 18th, bound to the southward; left at that port May 19th, steamer McKim, machinery out of order. No vessels at Santa Cruz.
  • May 20: Clipper ship Seaman's Bride, Myrrick, 152 days from New York, via Valparaiso 42 days. Merchandise to order. Memoranda: Carried away her foremast and fore and mizzen topgallant mast in a heavy squall on the night of 29th Feb. and put into Valparaiso to repair damages. The ship Pactolus, Dowd, with passengers for this port sailed march 15; barque Carib, Ripley, for this port a few days previous. French ship Courier de India from Bordeaux with passengers for this port do; May 11th, lat 28 14, long 128, saw Mexican brig Jupiter, 10 days from Mazatlan, for this port with passengers; 18th, inst., saw a large clipper ship steering for this port. Six passengers: Miss Josephine Lafaver, Messrs G. Legard, E. P. Roney, E. Scott, F. Gabler, and Mr. Fagard.
  • May 20: Ship Mechanic's Own, Burgess, 150 days from New York. Merchandise to order. Passengers: Henry F. Dunham and lady; W. H. Hall, lady and child; Albert Campe and lady; Mrs. J. B. Price, four children and servant; Mrs. W. O. Wilson and child; Miss Catharine Valley; Miss John van Orden; Theo Ovington; Wm. Sandford; Nath'l M. Sellich; Hypolite Piemot; Joseph S. Pierson; Juel Pache; Alphonse Lecount; Peter Bocrat; Henry Groron; Francis Pache; Henry W. Wilgers.
  • May 20: Peruvian ship Maria, Adams, 44 days from Panama, in ballast, to Hellman Brothers & Co. 94 passengers. One female. Mr. W.B. Spencer and lady; 92 in the steerage. Anchored off Griffin's Wharf.
  • May 20: Brig Dracut, Loper, 75 days from Valparaiso. Coal to N. Miller. Ten passengers: Mr. P. Pratt and lady, R. Allen, J. Brown, M. Lopez, J. Beal, A. Ryard, P. Rello, R. Lord and J. Loomis. Anchored off Griffin's Wharf.
  • May 20: Brig Clarendon, Vinsent, 48 days from Mazatlan, via Santa Barbara, 8 days. In ballast to order. 78 passengers; 49 females: Mr. H. Julien, J. Landroff, Amelia Olsen, 75 in the steerage.
  • May 21: Brig Dudley, Yates, 68 days from Panama, via Acapulco, April 13, in ballast, to Wood & West. Passengers: 111, 3 females.
  • May 21: British Brig Sir Charles Napier, Webster, 90 days from Panama. 260 tons coals, to Montefiore & Burgoyne. Passengers: 217, 6 females, 36 died on the passage
  • May 22: Mexican brig Jupiter, Captain Thomas, 25 days from Mazatlan, Mexico. Cargo: 10 bbls eggs, 2 bags merchandise, and 13 cases merchandise. Passengers: H. Canoe; J. Thompson; C. Thompson; ? Pomarc; W. Gumin; W. Hay; Madame Torret; F. Alecander; S. Clapp; J.S. Jenkins.


  • June 7, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

    Auction Sales This Day

    J. B. Starr at 10 o'clock. A. M. a large assortment of merchandise and groceries to close consignments. He also offers a very fine assortment of mahogany furniture, consisting of tables, bedsteads, &c. Likewise, an invoice of parlor lamps, glassware and cutlery. Afterwards, a large lot of trunks and chests, which will be sold to pay storage from the barque Eliza, foot of X street. This being a sale of all kinds of property, the citizens generally will do well to attend if they are desirous of purchasing any of the articles named.

    BARTON & GRIMM, 55 Front street, at 9-1/2 o'clock, will sell invoices of provisions, groceries, liquors, boots, shoes, oranges. &c. Also. 200 sacks new potatoes, turnips, beats, etc.

    GRATIOT, FISK & PERKINS, at 10 o'clock, sell a general assortment of merchandise.

  • June 9: Iowa, Peruvian, type not listed. Captain Washburn. 54 days from Hong Kong, China. Cargo: 100 cases of trunks, 3275 packages sugar, 1334 packages of rice, and 62 and 62 packages merchandise. Passengers: W. F. Hunting and 377 unidentified in steerage (probably Chinese passengers)
  • June 9: Hawaiian brig Eagle, Captain Newell, 26 days from Oahu, Sandwich Islands. Cargo: 32 bbls beef, 228 bags coffee, 77 boxes saleratus, 20 bags of moss and 5 cases unspecified merchandise. Passengers: Mrs. L. Adolphus; Mrs. Mary Ann McCloskey; J. Flintoff and lady; ? Drosont; Mrs. Elizabeth S. Owen; James Cummiford; Mrs. Eliza Fox; Miss Mary Ann Fox; Mrs. Lucy Calhoun; M.J. Riley.
  • June 30: Ship Eliza Morrison, British, Captain McCullough. 65 days from Hong Kong. 424 passengers.
  • June 30: Brig Tombock, Dsn., Densher, 65 days from Hong Kong, 175 passengers.


  • July 4: Clipper Ship Staghound, Captain Behm. 124 days from New York. Merchandise to Hussey, Bond & Hale. Passengers: F. Hall; H.E. Hall; W.T. Fisk; H.A. Parker; A. P. Flint; J.C. Brown; G.W. Brown; R.H. Brown; C.L. Cruise; J.J. Cruise; J.H. Tombs; A.H. Tombs; G.F. Butman.
  • July 4: Clipper ship Sea Nymph, Captain Hale. 120 days from New York. Merchandise to DeWitt & Harrison. 12 passengers: J.D. Pierson and lady; Master W. Pierson; Miss Clara Pierson; W. Brome and lady; Miss E.P. Broom; J. Rohr and lady; F. Clark; O. Dickinson. (Note: Brome and Broom may be the same family, with one a misspelling.)
  • Bird's Eye View of the Village of San Francisco

    Bird's Eye View of the Village of San Francisco.

    M & N Hanhart Chromo Lithograph Co

    M. & N. Hanhart was a London lithographic publishing house founded by Michael Hanhart (1788 1865) and Nicholas Hanhart. The firm's heyday is considered to have been between 1839 and 1882. They published a wide range of material including book illustrations and lithographic sheet music covers. Their best work was in the field of large chromolithographs. Hanhart used a complex layering of tint stones, to produce work unique in colouration and tonal values.

  • July 4: Ship Argonaut, Captain Nott. 134 days from Boston. Merchandise to Flint, Peabody & Co. 7 passengers: Mrs. Nott; G.A. Curtis (may be C.A. Curtis); G.O. Dodd; W. Floyd; M.L. Washburn; E.B. Shaw; G. Farram (may be G. Farrarr)
  • July 13, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco: ARRIVAL OF CLIPPERS: The Sea Nymph, Argonaut and Staghound are among the numerous arrivals which are reported in our paper this morning. They have all been looked for during the past week, though not supposed to have been over due, as many of the same class of an earlier date from the Atlantic are still out. These ships have done well, and their passages may be considered good. The season of the year is much against a rapid run from the Atlantic to the Pacific, as is usual, and which may be seen by the reports in another column. The Staghound had three skysails set for eighty-eight days, and was within one thousand miles of this port on the 14th ult. The Argonaut and Sea Nymph report similar weather. We shall no doubt have another fleet to report in our next publication, as well as some wild transactions in merchandise. Speculation is rife in nearly all descriptions of goods by these vessels, the arrival of which only happily relieves the want of many articles, without depressing the market or effecting prices. Indiscreet speculators may possibly suffer.
  • July 5: Ship Kate Hayes, Captain Maurian. 146 days from New York. Merchandise to Dana Bros. & Co. 23 passengers: R. Barney and lady; W. Ceanage and lady; P.E. Ward and lady; S.E. Smith and lady; M. Rainy, lady adn two children; Miss Berry; O.W. Miller; A. Braby, W. Wright; J. Smith; J.C. Higginson; J. White, G.E. Sewell; J. Thompson; E. Carroll, F. Dunham.
  • July 5: Barque Henriette, Dutch. Captain Wilson. From Amsterdam via Valparaiso. Merchandise to Gildemeester, De Fremary & Co. 19 passengers, 7 females: A. F. Hoog; Delamere; A. Meyer; C.F. Edlefesen; and 15 in steerage.
  • July 6: Ship Leontine (Brem), Captain Arianne. From Lisbon via Rio de Janeiro. Wines, etc., to J.B. Wyan.
  • July 10: Hamburg Brig Johanna Cristophe, Classen. 66 days from Panama. Anchored off North Beach. Merchandise to Cordis, Stiffen & Co.; P. Zadig; D. Classen; Hellman Bros; Hautter, Haines & Co.; Dupuy, Foulkes & Co. Passengers: M. Schwab, lady and four children
  • July: Ship Ellen Foster from Boston. Passengers: Mrs. A. Hanley and two children; Mrs. Scaley and son; Mrs. Swan and daughter; Mrs. Dean; Mrs. Wadsworth and two sons; Mrs. McDonald and two children; Messrs. M'Donald, Russell, H.F. Balch; Eugene Vaughn, wife and two children of Boston.
  • July 12: Ship Eastern State, Kilburn, 150 days from New York. Merchandise to master. Memoranda: March 11th, lat 4 48S, long 29 W, sprung foremast, was compelled to put into Rio for repairs. Lay there 25 days. Sailed from Rio April 9th, in company with the ship Racehound for this port. Anchored off North Beach. Cargo included iron, wire, safes, wheels, machinery, lead pipe, ploughs, bellows, hubs, 50 drums codfish, soap, matches, sarsaparilla, candles, currants, 63 pkgs agricultural implements, 2 threshing machines, 147,000 feet lumber.
  • Passengers: E. Grant, Jr.; L. M Patridge; L. M. Ellis; J. Mudgen; R.T. Grant; E. Page; L. Colins; Jas. Cox; K.B. Crockett; R.H. Frost; A. Todd; J.A. Burton; E. Clarke; D. Thompson; Geo. Moll; J. Clyan
  • July 12: French Ship Tormont, Captain Dount. 202 days from Bordeaux, via Valpraiso 66 days. Wines, etc., to V. Marziou & Co. 259 passengers
  • July 12: Barque Ellen Hastler, Poustle. 70 days from Realejo. Anchored off North Beach. Cargo includes 58 cks brandy, 35 bbls flour, 211 cs port wine, 261 cs. malaga wine, 56 cs. marcales wine, 57 cks muscat, 221 casks and 380 cs white wine, 50 cs. brandy fruits, 40 cs. wormwood, 8 cs. playing cards, 27 cs. white vinegar, 57 sacks corks, 20 cs. sardines, 75 cs champagne wine, 681 cks 374 cs red wine, 1 quantity iron, 4 quantity bricks, 50 cks red wine, 280 casks brady, 1600 caskets 50 cases liquors, 50 cases sardines, 1 case chocolate. Merchandise to Halster, Baines & Co. 2 passengers: Saml Orm; Thomas Mouen.
  • July 12: Schr Suerto, Hazard. 64 days from Punta Arenas, coffee to M. Alsua. 3 passengers.
  • July 13, 1852: Clipper ship Sea Serpent. Daily Alta California , July 13, 1852. This magnificent ship has made the best passage of the season, 112 days from New York, beating the fleet of clippers now due, whose average passage already amounts to about 124 days. She was built at Portsmouth, N.H. by Geo. Haynes, Esq., the famous builder of the Witch of the Wave, that has excited the admiration of the Londoners, both by her unrivalled passage of 90 days from China, and her symmetrical proportions. Mr. Raynes is also the builder and architect of the Typhoon, which it will be recollected, made a voyage to Europe in 12 days. He has orders now for four clippers, the same model with the Witch of the Wave, and has forwarded her model by request to the Board of Admiralty in England.
  • July 16, 1852, Daily Alta California:

    Heavy Arrival of Passengers via Cape Horn.

    --Reference to our shipping memoranda will show the arrival of the ship Gov. Morton, from New York, after a passage of one hundred and twenty-four days, having on board one hundred and eight passengers. This is the largest number of passengers that has arrived in one ship by the way of Cape Horn in many months. It recalls the days of early emigration to California when a Cape Horn passage was the most comfortable trip to the gold mines, and when ship loads were borne hither in crazy old hulks, which it always seemed quite miraculous should have survived the journey. The names of the passengers of the Gov. Morton will be found by following this link.
  • July 21, 1852, Daily Alta California: Eliza Taylor, Captain Snow. 41 days from Raietea, S. I. 75,000 oranges, 85 hogs. Consignees: H. Marsh, on board.
  • Jul 23, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco: Ship Valparaiso, Kilham, 56 days from Panama in ballast, to Ritchie, Osgood & Co. 76 passengers: J. Logan, lady and child, A. Legendre and lady, J. Martin, lady and child, Mrs. M. Higgins, W. F. Johnstone, F. Trouette, P. Gelpic, M. Mullinger, A. Muller, B. Hart, lady and 2 children, J. Conolon, J. Killain, B. Clausen, Miss S. Carlton, J. Denning, lady and child, P. Murphy, C. Porter, Misses B. and A. McGuire, W. Eberline, V and W Catimire, J. Bruce, G. Chilee, H. Curtis, J. James, G. Booknidge, A. Yealick, J. Danan, Leonara Loreta Lon, R. Concklin, T. L. Williams, J. Quall, J. Delaus, P. Borzeau, M. Donald, M. Dillon, E. Maples, O. Coti, G. Scott, S. Simmons, J. Lauguine, M. Gridleau, E. Lane, E. M. Goolick, J. Power, J. Bulger, C. Peterson, J. Johnstone, F. Silva, T. Young, W. Roy, L. Henley, J. Fagan, M. Martin, F. France, J. Davis, J. Barker, Jr., J. Hartley, S. Carroll.


  • August 11: Clipper ship Grecian arrived from around the Horn with 330 passengers. Two died enroute and one had fallen overboard.


  • September 18: PASSENGERS. Per Pathfinder, from New York Mr S Pratt, C Hazen and lady, C Macy, R D Macy, J Burgoyne and lady, A X Wheeler, Jr, A. J. Francis, C. L. Frances, H. W. Barnack, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, M.r and Miss Miller, Charles and Eliza Bennett, M.r Cash and lady, Mrs. Leland and 2 children, Mrs. Oldfield and child, Mr. Brown, T. and J. Boating, H. J. Blanchard, M. S. Lyon, Sarah A. Green, Sarah Parker, J. S. Headley, P. H. Pierce, D. Cook, E. Bassett, R. Hillwell, G. Durfee, J. G. Sherman, W. Ferris, L. H. Coombs, C. Nelson, L. C. Booth, T. H. Trowbridge, E. H. Shaw, H. Anthony, R. Boyce, T. Robinson, J. Cunningham, J. Burgoyne, Sr, J. Burgoyne, Jr, M. Truax, W. A. Ford, D. Penmann, J. H. Bumhoy, E. B. Ludwig, W. M. Crisman, J. Butcher, W. Arnold, J Davis, H. J. Hughes, R. Ray, J H Smith, D G Wright, J T Huntlay, A J Norton, H Egbert, E Davis, J Rusk, D Fraaer, G Smith, T Hughes, J Ysste, F Aber, J Feaglet, E Hold, G Jaste, J A Potter, J Castle, T Derfee, W Wilcox, E B Wilcox, J Cosbnow, T Rich, C Booth, J J Damon, E A Damon, C Damon, V J Morsham, E L Morsham, F Bailey, Mrs Risdon, F Prince, H W Vesey, W H Clemens, W H Allen, John nnd Robert Wilson, W and C Butterfield, N Dutton, S McCarty, J Timmerby. H Harant, J. Brorn, T. Farle, L T Taylor. A. H. Wilson, J. Earle, J. Nugent


  • November 14, 1852: Ship Jamestown, Moore, 124 days from New York, mdse to order.
  • November 15: Clipper ship Sovereign of the Seas, McKay, 103 days from New York; mdse to S. G. Morgan. 20 passengers
  • November 15: Barque Joseph Howe (Br), Miller, 156 days from Liverpool, with 837 tons coal to E. Knight
  • November 15: Barque Ward Chipman (Br), Roberts, 190 days from Liverpool; coal to Tate & Murray
  • November 15: Schooner George Washington, (Haw), 27 days from Honolulu; mdse to G. B. Post & Co; 24 passengers
  • November 15: Schooner Loo Choo, Nelson, 32 hours from Santa Cruz; potatoes; 2 pass
  • November 15: Schr Expedition (Pr), Miller, 240 days from Antwerp, via Straits of Magellan, 41 days; mdse to Engels, Hooper & Co. 1 passenger
  • November 16: Steamship Pacific, LeFevre, 12 days from San Juan, via Acapulco; D. Brigham, 414 passengers. 80 females; 64 children
  • November 16: Ship Erie, Lewis, 140 days from New York, via Rio Janeiro; mdse to Pacific Mail Steamship Co.
  • November 16: Ship Adele (Fr), Lieutenant, 190 days from Marseilles, via Valparaiso, 48 days; mdse to order. 182 passengers
  • November 16: Ship Arethuss (Br), Hamilton, 230 days from Cardiff, Wales, via Valparaiso, 67 days. 850 tons coal to Pacific Mail Co.
  • November 16: Ship Ion (Br), Hunt, from Liverpool Feb 21st, via Falkland Islands 82 days; mdse to Geoftroy, Sillem & Co. 7 passengers
  • November 16: Barque Mermaid, Smith, 136 days from New York; Wm. O'Bokee & Co.
  • November 16: Barque Frederick Warren, Cottrell, 170 days from New York, via Valparaiso, 55 days, 700 tons coal to C. Minturn
  • November 16: Barque Lyme Regis (Br), Scott, from London June 18th, via Lizards, 139 days mdse to Dupuy, Foulkes & Co. 9 passengers
  • November 16: Barque Tres Amigos (Chil), Wanderse, 72 days from Valparaiso. Mdse to Grogan & Lent.
  • November 18: Ship Wallace, Kennedy, 250 days from Cardiff, Wales, via Callao, 50 days; 2030 tons coal to E. Knight
  • November 19: Ship Sunbeam, Peock, 215 days from Cardiff, Wales, via Falkaland Islands, 90 days; 1060 tons coal to D. Brigham
  • November 20: P. M. Steamship Oregon, LeRoy, 16 days from Panama, 390 passengers to E. Knight.
  • November 21: Schr Independence (Fr), Allemes, 175 days from Havre; mdse to V. Marzon & Co. 15 passengers
  • November 22: Barque Sarah Hooper, Mahood, 60 days from Hong Kong; mdse to McKinlay, Garrioch & Co.
  • November 22: Brig Baltimore (Haw), Paty, 19 days from Honolulu; mdse ot G. B. Post & Co.; 67 passengers
  • November 23: Steamship Cortes, T. B. Cropper, Esq., commander, 15-1/2 days from Panama, via Acapulco; to F. C. Babcock; 470 passengers, 81 females
  • November 23: Ship Alesto, Nickerson, from Boston, via St. Thomas, 176 days; mdse to Hussey, Bond & Hale
  • November 23: Brig John C. LeGrand, Thielen (late Gregory), 50 days from Panama; mdse to O. Livermore & Co. 1 passenger
  • November 27: Clipper ship Winged Arrow, F. Bearse, 113 days from Boston; mdse to Flint, Peabody & Co. 16 passengers
  • November 28: Clipper ship Southern Cross, Stevens, 153 days from Boston via Montevideo 75 days; mdse to Torry & Blanchard; 3 passengers
  • November 30: Clipper ship Raven, Henry, 122 days from New York; mdse to master.


  • December 21, 1852: Clipper ship R. B. Forbes, Deane, 126 days from New York. Merchandise to G. B. Post & Co. Per R. B. Forbes: Was off Cape Horn 24 days in heavy gales, in company with six square rigged vessels bound this way. Crossed the Equator November 27th, in long 109 44. Has been off the Heads for four days.
  • Brig Clara, Bosse, 45 days from Sapallal, Chile. Merchandise to W. Meyer & Co.
  • Brig Glide (Peruv) Quilabar, 42 days from Lambiake, Peru. To order.
  • Schnr Eclipse (Mex), Soto, 22 days from Mazatlan. Merchandise to master. 9 passengers. Per Eclipse: Left brigs Condor and Clarendon, for this port soon. Eclipsehas anchored inside of Fort Point.

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