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SS Tennessee

Arrive San FranciscoArrive San Francisco

May 20, 1851
Captain George M. Totten 
From Panama via Acapulco, Mexico; San Blas, Mexico; Mazatlan, Mexico and San Diego, California.


May 1851, Daily Alta California Shipping Intelligence, Port San Francisco,


19 days from Panama, via intermediate ports. Encountered a heavy head wind at sea after rounding Cape St. Lucas. Much sickness on board. Struck a rock going into the harbor of San Blas, but no damage to vessel. Several passengers were landed at San Diego, among them Don Juan Temple and Francis Mellus, Esq., old residents of California.

May 21, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

The Pacific Mail Steamer Tennessee, Capt. Geo. M. Totten, arrived at her anchorage in this harbor, at 5 o'clock, P. M. yesterday.

She left Panama at 5 o'clock, P. M. on the 1stinst, and has therefore made the passage in nineteen days. The Tennesee touched at Acapulco, San Bias, Mazatlan, San Diego and Monterey; and would have made the passage at least one day quicker had she not eucountered a heavy head wind and sea after rounding Cape St. Lucas.

She brings about 400 passengers, amongst whom we are gratified to notice there are some fifty ladies and as many children.

Messrs Gilbert and Kemble are among the number of passengers on the Tennessee. There was much sickness on board, but the medical treatment of the sick was so skilful that no deaths occurred.

The steamships Crescent City, Alabama, North America. Georgia, Brother Jonathan, Mexico, Prometheus, El Dorado, and the English steamer Severn, had all arrived at Chagres previous to the sailing of the Tennessee, bringing about fifteen hundred passengers in the aggregate. The propeller Columbus, with some 300 passengers, sailed from Panama for San Francisco, via Acapulco. one hour before the Tennessee, but was passed coming out of Panama Bay at 9 o'clock the same evening.


Abell, N. P.
Acket, A. 
Aldrich, O. 
Allamson, H. S.
Allen, S. H.
Alden, James
Alden, James (two listings)
Alden, Mrs.
Atwood, Mrs.
Atwood, H.
Allen, E.
Anderson, Dr. 
Atkinson, T. 
Atwell, O.
Ayres, T.
Bay, R. L.
Beale, A.
Berry, F. G.
Berry, B. F.
Barker, M.
Beedy, A.
Beedy, S.
Brown, Master
Brown, Mrs. and four children
Beard, Mrs., child and servant
Baker, Mr.
Brooks, J. W.
Brown, E. L.
Brown, Mrs.
Brown, Mr.
Brown, Mrs.
Bucklin, Mrs. and Son
Beyers, H.
Baldwin, S.
Bird, J.
Bonhomme, L.
Butcher, R.
Brown, H. 
Brown, J.
Boyle, John
Boyle, M.
Burke, J.
Butler, J.
Bristol, Mr.
Brockman, Mr.
Burger, Mrs.
Campbell, A.
Campbell, J. M.
Carville, R.
Carey, Joseph
Cassen, Mr.
Carter, Miss
Collins, Mr.
Carter, Mrs.
Carter, Mr.
Colcord, Lt.
Curtis, Mrs., child and servant
Cuyler, Lt. R. M., Acting Master of Navy, attached to U.S. Coast Survey in Pacific
Clarke, Mrs.
Cundy, Lt., Hydrographic Party surveying Coasts of Califorrnia and Oregon
Clark, E.
Corning, A.
Coventry, Dr.
Cunninham, A.
Coulton, P.
Cobb, J. G.
Crawford, J.
Crawford, E.
Collins, R.
Courine, W.
Chapman, E.
Culver, J.
Dero, Mrs. and two children
Duane, O.
Dayton, Mr.
Davis, W.
Davis, L.
Davis, H.
Davis, Mrs. 
Dement, W. C.
Derickson, J. K.
Demartin, Mrs.
Dodge, R. L.
Draper, Mr.
Dennis, Mrs. and four children
Drake, Frank
Doane, Colonel
DeBoom, Mr.
Drake, B. F.
Dean, George
Elliott, C.
Elvan, E.W.
Emerson, S.
Eakin, J.
Deans, J. Delphey, Mr.
Ellis, R.
Ellis, J.
Edwards, J.
Enyhart, D.
Elvan, E. W.
Fooker, William
Ford, John
Forsythe, William
French, Mrs.
French, William
French, T.
Ferris, S.
Finnegan, William
Freeman, M.
Frazier, M.
French, C. C.
French, Mrs. and two children
Failing, J., and son
Failing, Henry
Gookin, Mr.
Garver, Mary and three children
Garland, James
Garland, Mrs.
Guwer, Mr.
Green, W.
Green, Mr.
Gifford, S.
Gross, C.
Garvin, D.
Gilbert, E. (Associated with Daily Alta California)
Griffin, R.
Griffith, M.
Goodrich, M. 
Howard, J. W.
Howard, Mrs. and servant
Harvey, M. M.
Hart, M.
Harrison, E. H.
Hill, M.
Howe, F. W.
Hitchcock, Dr. C.M., Surgeon, US Army, Major
Hitchcock, Mrs. and daughter
Hubbard, D.
Hustang, F.
Hayes, W. O.
Hawley, John
Haynes, G.
Hicks, J.
Harper, R.
Hunt, N.
Hinch, W.
Houck, P. P.
Hewes, J.
Hatzell, Mr.
Haskell, S.
Heartwell, T.
Henry, A.
Hall, B.
Hall, J.
Hannan, J.
Hawley, Mr.
Hardy, J. B.
Henry, C. W.
Hauvull, L.
Horton, A.H.
Jazentremain, M.
Jacobs, S.
Jerome, R. L.
James, I. W.
King, James of William
King, Mrs. James of William and family
Knapp, H. W.
Kleinan, Mr.
Keller, W. D.
Keller, Leon
Keller, H. H.
Keller, C.
Kelly, D.
Kurtz, F.
Kemble, E. C. and servant (Associated with Daily Alta California)
Keyes, J. H.
Keyes, A. F.
King, C.
Kein, A.
Kellogg, C.
Knowles, W. H.
Kidd, A.C.
Kersiche, Mrs.
Keeler (boy)
Lake, Mrs. Sarah
Loutrel, B.
Lewis, E.
Loud, M.
Lowe, B.F.
Luby, T.A.
Ladin, F.
Lamb, James
Ledus, M.
Leeter, J. S.
Leman, H.
Lewis, A.
Manden, Isaac
McDonald, A.
McDonald, S.
Murphy, John
Milnor, Joseph
McKee, J.
Marcelus, B.
Milner, Samuel
Mooney, A.
Matthews, R.
Moores, Mrs. and servant
Moulton, B. E.
Morse, B. F.
Muthum, Mr.
Macwell, Mr.
Moore, J. H.
McGuire, T.
McMasters, W.
Marshal, J. E.
Miles, A.
Miller, J.
Mung, S.
McArthur, P.
McPherson, D.
Montgomery, John
Mast, C.
McKenzie, D.
Matthews, C.
Moore, R.
Myers, J.R.
Myers, R.
Myers, P.
Naglee, H.
Newland, A.
O'Leary, John
O'Brien, M.
Oppenheim, S. 
Oppenheim, R. 
Oppenheim, L.
Ord, Dr.
Ord, Judge
Ousley, F. W.
Patton, J. S.
Peckham, E. P.
Pameli, D.
Pierson, J.
Palmer, A. O.
Parks, E.
Parks, James
Pency, J.
Priest, Mrs. and servant
Price, Thomas
Paddleford, J. T.
Powell, Dr.
Parks, J.C.
Quimby, Mrs.
Robinson, W. H.
Robinson, Mrs. and child
Raymond, M.
Rowland, George
Riordan, C.
Riordan, John
Rice, H.
Rice, W.
Roberts, W. M.
Rempris, M.
Reynolds, J.
Rockwell, J.
Rockwell, Geroge
Ryan, R.
Rudy, M.S.
Ryan, F.
Rusk, Samuel
Richardson, J.
Robbins, John
Sewall, Mr.
Stayman, J. H.
Stevens, S.
Sparks, C.
Scott, Miss
Shelton, S. W.
Stevens, M.
Stevens, Lt. Thomas H.
Searle, M.
Strong, D.
Sherry, M.
Saumeruis, S.
Saunders, M.
Stanley, E. H.
Springer, J. H.
Stacy, S.
Savage, W.
Snow, S. C.
Streble, J.
Stebbins, J.
Sprague, B.
Sinclair, T.
Stoughton, H. S.
Seversa, G.
Starr, J. H.
Souter, John
Stowell, J.
Stebbins, J.
Seymour, J.
Steele, Mr.
Taylor, William
Taffe, W.
Taffe, Mrs. and three children
Threy, A.
Thompson, Mr.
Tubbs, Silas
Tittle, A. S.
Tuttle, W. T.
Tuttle, J.
Taylor, W.
Thorp, S.
Theall, George
Tuttle, Mr.
Vanalstyne, M.
Vicker, John
Vicker, J. L.
Vicker, D.
Vandusen, P.
Waters, W.
Williams, John
Warren, H.
Waters, G.
Wyckoff, C.
Wilson, James
Whitman, Dr.
Webster, S. H.
Wetzler, G.
Wanman, D.
West, Mrs. and four children
Wheaton, W. R.
Wardle, T., Jr.
Wigaton, M.
Whitehead, and servant
Wagener, Isaac
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Mr.
Wilcox, H.
White, T. R.
Wright, Mr.
Wheeler, D.
Wiston, Mr. H.
Wilher, J.
Wilson, James
Williams, P. M.
Winter, R.

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