Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Northerner

Arrive San Francisco

July 7, 1851
SS Northerner
Captain Randall
From Panama, via Acapulco, San Diego and Monterey


July 8, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Shipping Intelligence, Port San Francisco


At Acapulco, left steamer Independence, Cash, coaling; expected to leave as soon as coaled. As San Diego, left barque Whiton from Valparaiso for this place, put in for water and provisions and steamer Monumental City, Norris, 185 days from Baltimore coaling, both to sail on the 5th for San Francisco. June 27th, passed a steamer off Mazatlan, steering this way, supposed to be the Gen. Warren. July 4th, passed propeller Washington at 6 P.M., in the Santa Barbara channel, from Panama, bound for San Francisco. July 4th, 8 o'clock, A.M., one hour out of San Diego, spoke P.M.S. Co steamship Panama, bound in. July 6th, at 7 A.M., passed steamer Goliah, going out of Monterey. The Northerner has experienced head winds and gales of wind ahead during the whole passage, accompanied by heavy head and cross seas.

Steamers Sea Bird, Williams, Fremont, McLane, and Carolina, Whiting, were to leave Panama on the 16th ult. For this port. Steamer Monumental City (arrived at San Diego) when three days out from Baltimore experienced a heavy gale, during which both arms of the patent steering apparatus were broken, in consequence of which she was obliged to put into Bermuda for repairs. She also touched at Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Monte Video, Port Famine and Valparaiso.


Not noted. To E. Knight. Consignees: Shaben, Bro. & Co., Dodge & Co.,, Haber & Levy, H. de Birmingham, W.C. Watts, Stephen Van Bancroft, Adams & Co., E.J. Moore, Ogden & Hayes, Glen & Co., D. Davidson & May, Order, A.J.S. Duquesnay, Waterman & Jordan, Bolton, Barton & Co., Mr. Jose Alemanni, Bishop of California.


Agresta, J.
Aiken, D. B.
Aiken, G. C.
Arnold, A. S.
Arnold, C.
Arthur, Mrs. and servant
Badavous, Dr. and lady
Balley, W. J.
Barbet, W.
Bartlew, C.
Bettinger, Mrs.
Bonner, C.
Booth, D. E.
Branch, F. (Might be Bratch)
Bunne, J. F.
Campbell, Mrs. Abby
Catletto, N.
Clarke, Mrs. and two children
Cochran, Mrs. and children
Colt, Saml
Coney, N., Esq.
Coney, N., Jr.
de Birmingham, H.
Deffort, A.
Douglas, Capt.
Dryer, Mrs. M. B. and daughter
Finncam, A. and child
Freeland, Mrs. and child
French, Mrs. and children
Gage, M.
Gariff, F.
Gray, R. P.
Guild, H. H.
Hale, H. W.
Hall, Lot
Hamblay, P.C.
Heidelburgh, M.
Hitchcock, Gen. And servant
Houghton, O.B.
Joy, S.
Kerchoff, C. (Might be Ketchoff)
Kunhardt, H.H. (Might be Kunbardt)
Laird, Jas
LaReintree, Mrs. Henri and son
Meigs, Geo A.
Moses, C.H.
Myers, Mr., lady and sister
Nightengale, Mrs. and child
Nightengale, S.
Palmer, Hy
Pearson, Mrs. and children
Porter, A. A.
Portmondo, J. F.
Post, Mrs. and child
Runkle, M.
Schafer, M.
Schell, J.
Schunn, D.
Seal, H. W.
Seal, Thos
Sissa, E.
Smith, Thomas
Spaulding, E. C., lady and child
Stall, Capt. F. A.
Thumans, A.
Walker, T. and Mrs. T. Walker
Watr, M.
Watts, W.C.
Wattson, W.
Weston, C.
Wilson, and family
Workman, J., U. S. Mail Agent
226 in the steerage

San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists : Volume I, 1850-1864, Louis J. Rasmussen.Louis J. Rasmussen Ship Passenger Lists.

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