Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s

SS Lewis

Arrive San Francisco

July 9, 1852
Captain Baker
From San Juan del Sud, Nicaragua


Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, July 10, 1852 

Arrival of the S.S. Lewis

The steam propeller S.S. Lewis, Capt. Baker, arrived this morning from New York via Rio Janeiro, Valparaiso, Panama, San Juan and Acapulco. She brings from Panama and San Juan a very large number of passengers ’ a list of whom will be found under the marine head, as also the names of the persons who died on board on the passage up. The S.S. Lewis is intended to run on Vanderbilt’s Nicaragua route, in connection with the Independence and the Pacific on this side, and thePrometheus, Daniel Webster and Northern Light on the Atlantic side. She is a large fine looking vessel, possessing apparently all the requisites for a good safe sea-going steamer. 

Shipping Intelligence
Port San Francisco, July 8, 1852

July 7--Steamer S.S. Lewis, Baker, 112 days from New York, via Rio de Janeiro 82 days, Valparaiso 41 days, Panama 26 days, San Juan 23 days, and Acapulco 11 days. 653 passengers.


We are pained to hear from the passengers by the S.S. Lewis, that the trip across to San Juan was one of the most difficult and unfortunate ever undertaken by travelers on that route. The sickness and death among the Northern Light’s passengers was truly frightful.

San Juan was the scene of many melancholy occurrences during the detention of the S.S. Lewispassengers. A number of deaths occurred, but are to be found properly reported in another column. It is feared that the passengers en route for this port from San Juan, in sailing vessels, have terribly suffered from sickness and privation.


By the S.S. Lewis, which arrived yesterday from San Juan del Sud, we have received files of theTrait d’Union, (published in the City of Mexico) with dates to the 19th of June. Through this journal we received intelligence from Atlantic States to the 2d of June last. The news, it appears, was transmitted from New York to New Orleans by telegraph.

The brig Eagle sailed from the latter port on the 2d June, reaching Vera Cruz in eleven days, from whence the intelligence was transmitted by telegraph to the city of Mexico, and published in the Trait d’Union of the 19th June as follows:

UNITED STATES. Our advices from the United States are up to the 2d of June, and is of no great interest. The attention of the country appears to principally be drawn towards the coming Presidential election.

The National Democratic Convention charged with the selection of the candidate for their party, met at Baltimore on the 1st of June. The candidates mentioned as most prominent were Messrs. Cass, Douglas and Buchanan.

The following are noted as having died at San Juan del Sur:

John F. Nezt, Boston; Christian Myers, New York; Alex Islaushies, St. Louis; Peter McCarty, New York; James Waldron, Auburn, New York; J. W. Hotchkiss, Fairhaven, Conn.; Roseville Derbyshire, Lenox, Mass.; Chas. H. Everett, Bridgeport, Conn.; Wm. P. Page, Hyegate; T.L. Wright, New Hampshire; Kilbourne Knox, E. Granville, Vermont.; Eri B. Halbert, Chicago, Ill.; Patrick McCarthy, Canada (also listed above as having died at sea); Michael Reinhart, Pittsburg, Pa.; James Graves, Pittsburg, Pa.; Chas. Dunn, New York; Thos. O. Kane, Lowell, Mass.; Cornelius Baker, Franklin County, Penn.; Henry Lee, Duxbury, Mass.; Samuel Ingle, Milestown, Pa.


Abrams, D., wife and two children 
Adams, Mrs. H. 
Ambler, N. 
Amsbury, H. N. and nephew 
Andrew, A. F., Jr. 
Andrew, W. 
Armstrong, J. W. 
Armstrong, Mrs. 
Ashton, J. 
Baldwin, H. 
Baldwin, W. 
Baresbarett, Mrs. and three children 
Barker, J., Jr. 
Barker, Mrs. E. G. and child 
Barnum, Mrs. 
Bartlett, J. H. 
Bartlett, N. 
Bead, G. W. 
Bekman, August (From Prussia. Died at sea July 4.) 
Benton, H. P. and wife 
Bingham, D. B. 
Birdsall, Mrs. E. 
Blakesley, L. 
Branfield, O. 
Brewster, J. H. 
Bridge, E. 
Bridge, Mrs. and servant 
Browers, Wm. H. 
Bunn, G. 
Burnett, Mrs. and Miss and two children 
Burnett, P. W. and child 
Cain, L. B. and wife 
Cain, P. P. and wife 
Carpenter, G. 
Castle, J. 
Caton, L. P., wife and child 
Caulfield, H. 
Chapin, Chauncey 
Chapman, G. J. 
Chapman, S. 
Chase, Mrs. L. and two children 
Chell, G. and wife 
Cheney, D. L. 
Cheney, H. L. 
Choate, D. T. (Might be Choatie) 
Clark, Benjamin F. (Chelsea, Vermont. Died at sea June 18.) 
Clark, Ed 
Clark, P. 
Colver, F. M. 
Cone, H. B. 
Cone, J. W. 
Corliss, J. E. 
Coulon, J. 
Craft, Mrs. and infant 
Craig, G. S. 
Cristie, L. P. 
Cummings, Mrs., five children and servant 
Curry, Mrs., two children and servant 
Curtis, H. 
Dorsy, S. 
Eames, H. 
Eastman, J. 
Easton, A. 
Estinson, Miss L. J. 
Everett, C.H. (Note: There is a Charles Everett of Bridgeport, Conn. listed below as having died in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua) 
Farwell, Lewis (Charlestown, New Hampshire. Died at sea June 21.) 
Felder, Samuel (Bucks Co., Penn. Died at seea June 28.) 
Ferguson, D. H. 
Ferris, C. 
Ferris, C. C. 
Flint, C.W. 
Frank, N. 
Frisbie, Mrs. 
Fulton, J. 
Gadicken, N. L. 
Gaghagan, Mrs. R. 
Gannon, Mrs. 
Gans, A. 
Geerhart, W. H. 
Gibson, J. 
Goldsmith, J., wife and three chidlren 
Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs. W. 
Goodrich, J. A. 
Gorham, Mrs. 
Greenwood, Mrs. and servant 
Griffen, Mrs. M. and child 
Griggs, Mrs. J. J. 
Grillet, A. 
Gumbert, J. 
Hall, O.H. (Might be Hell, Hill, or other) 
Hannan, J. 
Hansintee, G. 
Hanson, D. B. 
Harem, Mrs. 
Harrigan, Jno. 
Harrington, George F. 
Harrington, J. 
Hart, Wm. 
Hayden, S. 
Hills, G. 
Holland, E. M. 
Holman, Mrs. E. B. 
Holmes, T. 
Holton, A. R. 
Hooper, W. H. 
Hopper, S. T. 
Huey, Wm. 
Huntoon, Mr., wife and child 
Hussey, C. S. 
Hyatt, A. H. 
Jackson, C. 
Jacob, Mrs. 
Jefferson, Geo. 
Johnson, J. 
Johnson, Mrs. J. 
Jones, John G. (Cayuga Co. New York. Died at sea June 17) 
Jones, N., Jr. 
Jordan, N. 
Judd, S. A. 
Kane, J. (Note below: Thos. O. Kane of Lowell, Mass. Died at San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.) 
Kelly, Mrs. 
Kellogg, S. 
Kelly, Charles H. 
King, Chris 
Kingsley, H. and wife 
Kipp, Dr. R. B. 
Knapp, E. 
Lane, Moses P. (Lowell, Mass. Died at sea June 24.) 
Latham, J. 
Lawrence, Mrs. and child 
Lawrence, S. P. 
Leavenworth, M., wife and two children 
Lehman, J. 
Linsberg, Miss 
Maguire, J. 
Matthews, J. H. 
May, Frank 
McCartney, Alex 
McCarthy, Patrick (From Canada. Died June 20.) 
McGlancey, F. 
McGovern, Philip 
McJustice, J. and lady 
McKinley, G. V. 
McKinley, T. V. 
McMurray, J. 
McMurray, T. 
McVinton, W. 
Meloney, Mrs. and three children 
Merrill, H.J. and wife 
Messinger, Mrs. 
Minor, Mathew 
More, Miss Mary 
Moseley, A. E. 
Moulton, W. W. 
Mount, T. V. 
Muer, Samuel (Salem, Mass. Died at sea July 2.) 
Munsell, A. 
Naylor, Mrs. and child 
Newman, O. 
Noe, A. 
Odel, J. B. 
Palmer, C. 
Parker, Mrs. C. A. and servant 
Patterson, T. 
Peabody, E. 
Pearson, Charles. W. 
Pearson, J. 
Peck, George, wife, daughter and child. 
Peck, Miss M. and servant 
Phillips, B. 
Phillips, Mrs. B. 
Pollard, A. 
Post, G. 
Pugsley, E.T. 
Ransom, Mrs. D. 
Rattel, Abram (Might be Abram Raffel) 
Ream, Mr. and Mrs. and child 
Ripley, R. 
Robbins, Clark (From Vermont. Died at Sea July 5.) 
Roberts, C. L., Jr. 
Roberts, Wm. 
Robinson, Alfred (From Danvers, Mass. Died at sea June 16) 
Rock, J. 
Rogers, T. D. 
Ross, J.G. 
Rudolph, H. 
Saguin, C. C. 
Sanborn, J. 
Sawyer, W. G. 
Sayer, T. S. 
Seroice, C. M. 
Shale, S. 
Shattuck, Miss M. R. 
Sheets, Mrs. L. and child 
Shute, Mrs. J. 
Smith, A. 
Smith, R. L. and two children 
Southworth, A. 
Stearns, C. J. 
Stevens, Miss S. 
Stoltz, A. and servant 
Stoltz, Mrs., two children and nurse. 
Stone, R. S. 
Strible, Mrs. 
Sutton, G. L. 
Swain, A. and two children 
Swain, Mrs. 
Sweck, O. 
Taft, H.G. 
Thomas, O.H. 
Thrnll, W. (Might be Thrnlf. In either case it appears to be a typographical error.) 
Tibbats, H. B. 
Ticknor, Miss and servant 
Tilton, D. 
Tilton, Miss 
Tilton, Mr. and wife 
Tomar, A. 
Tomar, S. 
Tomar, Wm. 
Van Horn, R. 
Van Ness, W. 
Vredenburg, J. 
Ward, C. 
Ward, Wm. 
Ware, L. 
Warner, B. Y. 
Warren, C. F. 
Watson, J. H. 
Watson, Mrs. and two children 
Weaver, A. J. 
Weed, R. K. 
Welsh, Nicholas (Died at sea July 5.) 
Welton, Mrs. E. C. 
Wertebaugher, (Might be Wertehaugher) 
Weston, S. 
Willie, Miss M. 
Winegar, A. B. 
Winsor, E. 
Woodcock, O. 
Worth, G. F. 
Young, Ezekiel (S. Keaningly, Conn. Died at sea June 18.) 
Zampelis, Jacob (St. Louis, Mo. Died at sea June 25.)

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