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SS Golden Gate

Arrive San Francisco

SS Golden Gate
Captain C.P. Patterson
From Panama


July 19, 1853, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

(Article from the July 20, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California from their "Correspondent, "Mark,")

News from Panama June 29, 1853.The P.M. steamer Golden Gate, Capt. Patterson, U.S.N. commanding, arrived in port this morning, 12 days from Panama, which port she left on the night of the 5th inst. The dates from the Atlantic by this arrival are the same as those brought by theCortes. The Panama papers received are to the 4th inst. . . The following is the memoranda of the voyage:

The United States Mail steamship Golden Gate, C.P. Patterson, U.S.N., commander, left Panama on the evening of July 5th, at 9-1/2 o clock. The Golden Gate brings a large mail but a small number of passengers only about 300 among them are many of the old residents with families. B.F. Angell, Esq., Consul to the Sandwich Islands, with his family is among the passengers by the Golden Gate. The traveling on the Isthmus was the same as usual, the road being good and the Isthmus healthy. The P.M.S. Co’s steamers ColumbusRepublicand Isthmus were at Panama. July 10th, 5 P.M., passed steamer Oregon, hence for Panama, 40 miles south of Acapulco. At 9 P.M. arrived at Acapulco, and left July 11th at 9:1/2 A.M., detained 12-1/2 hours. Running time from Panama to Acapulco, 4 days and 23-1/2 hours. Not any vessels in port. July 15th, boarded the barque Barfleur, of Havre. She was lying in close under the Island of La Natividad and supposed they were in want of assistance, but they were not; they stated they were on a trading voyage and bound to San Francisco. July 6th, at 3 P.M., arrived at San Diego, detained 2 hours; at 11 P.M., off Catalina Island, passed a schooner bound up. 17th at 9 A.M., arrived off Point Arquillo, spoke steamer John L. Stephens, hence for Panama. July 18th, 7 A.M., arrived at San Francisco making the passage in 12 days and 9 hours running time 11 days and 19 hours. Jullus Spach, a German, died of dysentery July 9th.

The Panama Star brings news of decline in house rents in Panama, taxes, and a mule that strayed with a box of gold.

California Gold Rush. Passengers

Aitkins, Miss
Alford, S. M.
Angell, B. F. Esq, lady, two children and servant (B.F. Angell is Consul to the Sandwich Islands)
Ashley, J. D.
Atken, C. C. and lady
Babb, Miss
Bardoy, Mr. and family
Barnard, C.
Barrett, C. 
Barrow, Mr., wife, two children and servant
Beachwood, Thos
Bean, D. R.
Beards, Mrs. and servant
Bell, Wm.
Birge, F. (Might be Barge)
Black, S. (Might be Back)
Blake, D.
Bloomingdale, J and lady
Bowers, A. B.
Brady, Mrs.
Briggs, E. S.
Brown, L. A.
Brown, L. A.
Brown, Mrs. E.
Brown, S.
Bullion, J., and servant
Burns, M.
Camine, Mrs. (Difficult to read. Might be Camane or Camene)
Campbell, Mrs.
Casey, Mrs.
Chagell, P.A.
Clark, Geo W. 
Cleveland, G. W.
Cleveland, J. M.
Cleveland, S. C.
Cline, W. B.
Cooman, T. (Might be Cocman)
Cornwell, E. H.
Cottman, C. F.
Credit, Cyrus
Credit, Mrs.
Credit, J.C. 
Curran, M. 
Daniels, Tho
Dard, John
Davis, C. H.
De Voe, J. J., lady and two children
Dennis, Isaac
DeWitt, Mrs. A.
Dinklage, Dr.
Dobbs, Jas
Donnelly, P.
Dontes, A. J. and wife (Might be Donlee)
Dorsey, Mrs. and two children
Dowe, W. T.
Doyle, Thos
Dudley, H. F. 
Dyer, (Can t read first initial)
Eddy, Miss
Eddy, Mrs.
Ellsworth, Miss
Enos, A. T.
Fairman, H. (Might be Fairmun, Fairmon)
Farqahar, G. (Might be Farquhar or Farqehar)
Farrar, W.H. and lady
Flood, J.
Fogalsang, C.
Foss, Frank
Foster, J. F.
Francis, G. 
Gale, J. B.
Galloria (Difficult to read first initial missing)
Garwood, G. M.
Geincie, Pierre
Goff, J. C.
Goodman, L.
Goodman, S.
Greenman, Chas. 
Hanley, S.
Harding, Mrs.
Heath, N. P. and lady (Confirmed as Heath)
Henry, E.
Henry, P.
Hickox, J. C.
Hicks, Sam
Hilliard, N. 
Hinckley, J.
Hinckley, W. M.
Hines, J. W., lady and two children
Hollinger, A.
Hollinger, J.
Hudson, M.
Humphey, N. T.
Huntoon, L.
J u s , Mrs. 
Jackson, C. L.
Jacobs, Sam
Jeeks, E. C. (Difficult to read. Might be Jenks, Jecks, Jesks,)
Jenner, W.
Jewett, D. C.
Jim , W. A.
Jones, A. G.
Jones, S.
Jones, W. T.
Kelly, Mr. 
Kirkpatrick, W. A.
Kittle, J. G.
Leone, Henry (Might be Lesne, Leene)
Lok , J. 
Loper, A., and wife
Lubeck, S.
Lyon, Henry
M Ceney, C.
Magrasee, T.
Marsfield, G., wife, two children, and servant (First letter difficult to read. Might be Larsfield, Garsfield, etc.)
Marsh, Chas
Martin, J. R.
Martins, Chas
McCarthy, J.
McFall, A.
McGoose, L. (Difficult to read)
McMenomy, S.
McNamee, J.
Meed, Ralph
Memfield, J.
Memfield, T. 
Meyers, Peter
Moauy , J. (Can't read. Descendant of Hines thinks this is Meredith, J. for John Meredith, younger brother of Mrs. Hines, who was traveling with the Hines family and does not appear elsewhere on this list)
Monotte, F.
Montgomery, W. F.
Morrison, J. C.
Morrison, J. H.
Mullins, J.
Newberger, Mr. and family
Nixon, W.
Olds, J. S.
Parrott, C. (Might be S. Parrott)
Parrott, J., lady and three servants
Parrott, Miss
Patterson, W.
Peterson, Mrs.
Pierce, J. E. and lady
Pine, F. F.
Platt, George
Plunket, Mrs. M. A.
Plunket, R., lady and two children
Pomeroy, W., lady and three children
Porter, Mrs., child and servant
Redmont, R. A.
Roeside, Mrs.
Ruggles, J.W.
Saultier, P.E.
Schemerhorn, J. E.
Schuemenecht, A. (Difficult to read)
Shears, Chas (Might be Sheers)
Silliman, S.
Smith, A. B.
Smith, John
Smith, Mrs, and child
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, S.
Snow, L.
Sterling, Mrs. and child
Stevenson, H.
Stillwell, G. W., lady and child 
Storrs, F. F.
Sullivan, M.
Summers, W.
Sutton, M.C.
Swan, R. A.
Swan, R. A.
Talmac, A.
Tarice, Jno
Taylor, Mrs., child and servant
Tupper, Miss 
Tupper, Mrs, and two children 
Ulmer, Miss
Waller, J.
Ward, B., lady and child
Washburn, L. H.
Watson, T. H.
Waugh, H.
Wedlin, W. A.
Wentworth, J.
Weston, J.
Weston, J. M.
White, W.C.
Wilkinson, B.
Williams, Geo
Williams, J. J.
Williams, J. W., wife and three children
Winnie, George
Winslow, Dr. C.
Wooster, C. C.
Wright, John
Younger, W.
Zimmerman, Mr.

Passengers on the Golden Gate July 19 1853.

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