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Clippers Flying Cloud and Hornet

Arrive San Francisco

August 12, 1853
Clippers Flying Cloud and Hornet
Flying Cloud: Captain Cressy; Hornet: Captain Knapp
From New York


August 13, 1853, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Arrival of the Clippers
Hornet and Flying Cloud
Results of Race
Remarkable Passages

Flying Cloud.

Our commercial and shipping community was yesterday about noon thrown into a state of brisk excitement in consequence of the telegraph announcing the clippers Hornet and Flying Cloud.

Between the owners of these two crack clippers, a large wager has been pending on the time which would be made to this harbor. Both cleared at the N. Y. Custom-House together, and both passed Sandy Hook light-house within two days of each other. We annex the statement of our marine reporter announcing their arrival in and respective passages to this harbor:

The clipper-ship Hornet, Capt. Knapp, arrived yesterday in 106 days from New York, having left on the 26th April and arrived at this port on the 11th inst. She crossed the Equator July 24th, and has made the run thence in 18 days. She was closely followed by the Flying Cloud, Capt. Cressey, also from New York, in 105 days, having sailed April 28th. The Flying Cloudcrossed the Equator July 17th, since which time she has had northerly winds. The Hornetanchored about 45 minutes ahead of the Flying Cloud. Both vessels have anchored off North Beach, and present a beautiful appearance.

The following extract from the Hornet’s log shows a few further particulars of that vessel’s voyage. We shall publish a more complete statement of the separate passages of the two vessels to-morrow:


At 1 o’clock P. M., cast off the steam tug, and made sail.
At 8 o’clock, A. M., on the 28th, six sail in sight, all of which presented inverted images, reflected by the atmosphere. Same day saw a clipper ship to the south west, supposed to be the Flying Cloud.
Crossed the Equator in twenty days from New York, in lat. 31 45 west.
May 18th, 6 o’clock P.M., spoke ship Samuel Fales, 38 days from Boston for San Francisco.
May 19th, made the Island of Ferdinand Noronah. Same night passed over the assigned position of a shoal, as also on a previous voyage without discovering danger; do not think it exists.
June 4th, saw clipper ship Eclipse, from New York, and John Lane of Boston.
June 15th, made Staten Land.
Was eleven days off the cape with heavy gales from the westward.
Greatest days run was two hundred and ninety-one miles, under skysails and studding sails.
Have experienced light winds this side the Line.
Both the Hornet and Flying Cloud have Lieut. Manry’s chart.

Shipping Intelligence

Aug. 12: Clipper ship Flying Cloud, Cressey, 105 days from New York; mdse, to S. G. Morgan. 
Aug. 12: Clipper ship Hornet, Knapp, 106 days from New York; mdse, to Case, Heiser & Co.



Baldwin, J. 
Betty Bronk 
Mrs. J. E., and child
Cornell, F. 

Flying Cloud
Lawton, G.H.
Lewis, E.

Cargo (Consignees)

Consignees per Flying Cloud and Hornet August 13 1853.

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