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San Francisco Gold Rush Years. 1800s.

SS California

Arrive San Francisco

February 26, 1852
SS California
Captain R. L. Whiting
From Panama: 26 days, 46 cabin passengers and detachment of U.S. Troops

February 26, 1852, Daily Alta California

Maine Intelligence

Arrived February 26: Pacific Mail steamship California, R. L. Whiting, Esq. 16 days to E. Knight; 46 cabins passengers and a detachment of U. S. Troops. Cleared same day for Benicia.


Per California - Left at Panama, steamship New Orleans, Hammersley, for this port Feb 10; Br. ship Blond, Soutier, for this port with passengers, to sail in a few days; ship Charles Napier, Webster, for do 14th Feb; ship Five Brothers, -- do soon. Left at Acapulco, 16th Feb, Fr brig Nymph, from San Francisco, Chili barque Julius, fm Valparaiso; Mex sch Guadalupe, fm Mazatla; Ham barque Elizabeth, fm do; Mex schr Col Vega, fm Guayaquil; Mex schr Tomas, do; Mex brig Archo, dp; Fr ship Heva, fm this port; Chl brigantine Dolores, dp; Eng barque Salacia, fm Liverpool; Mex schr Suerte, frm Mazatlan; Am barque Marcelia, fm this port. The barque Carbaga sailed for San Francisco, with 110 passengers, 21st Jan; schr Comet, do, 22d.

The California arrived at San Francisco at 7 a.m. of the 26th, (allowing 32 hours detention at Acapulco, San Diego and Monterey), having made the run in 16 days, 4 hours, running time. The California was 15 days ll hours running time on her down trip.

Passengers (from Panama via Acapulco)

Capt. H. Day, USA
Lieut Mason, lady, child and svt
Lieut Castor and lady
Capt Miller, USA
Dr. Crane, USA
J. Ambrose
Mrs. Nesbett
R. Pearce
Miss Clark
T. Russell
J. W. Priestley
Sam Moss
J. L. Maron
J. Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. T. Saaw
Rev. D. Deal, lady, and child
G. Gayetche
R. Gardiner
J. A. Wakeley
W. Blossom
Mrs. Mary Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Manley
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton and 3 children
Mr. andMiss Chapman
J. Modina
A. Burdy
J. Hammock
W. Luchsenger
A. DeWiet
G. Ridgeway
Capt. Ricketson
Rev. J. Kimberlin and lady
and a detachment of U. S. Troops

Passengers by the SS California in San Francisco February 26, 1852.
Daily Alta California, February 26, 1852, San Francisco, California

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