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NOTE: There multiple Cachalots: one captained by A. LeGrand; another by Taber; a whaling ship commanded by Jean-Francois Langlois (1837-1839); a Dunkirk ship Cachalot; a New Bedford Whaler. Notices below are of the French ship that sailed with goods and passengers.

Miscellaneous News

January 22, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California

French in San Francisco.The Port of Trade, Le Havre, Eugene Louis Boudin.

Consignees of goods per French ship Cachalot from Havre, are requested to take them away within fifteen days from the 14th instant, or they will be stsored at public store at the risk and expense of the owners, and so much of them sold as will pay the freight. A. Mullott & A. Tallot (j18 3)

January 24, 1850, February 10, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

ADVICE TO BUILDERS: The undersigned offer for sale, from French ship Cachalot, a notable quantity of zinc sheets and zinc nails of a very superior quality. For further information apply to A. Hughes, Pioche & Co. Clay St. (j23)

February 28, 1850, March 22, 1850, etc., Daily Alta California


A. Hugues, Pioche & Co., have just received pr. ship Cachalot, a general assortment of fancy goods for ladies, viz: silk shawls of all qualities, silk ribbon tor bonnets, black silk for dresses, black velvet, gloves of all qualities, batist ladies' handkerchiefs, embroidered black veils, embroidered lace, ladies bonnets, ladies' silk, cloth and velvet cloaks, ladies printed stockings, silk and velvet purses, black tulle colored merino, velvet in pieces, silk mantles; tooth brushes, combs, assorted perfumery, etc. Also, a variety of dry goods, viz: ready made cloth for gentlemen, silk hats, linen and cotton shirts, shoes, underwaistcoats, satin neck handkerchiefs, french, spanish and belgium cards, guns and pistols, children's hats, violins, guitars, lamps, blankets and a beautiful assortment of Jewelry.

Barque Cachalot ad. Daily Alta California, September 28, 1850.
September 28, 1850, Daily Alta California

August 17, 1851, Daily Alta California

Loaded at Newcastle with coals, etc., bound for San Francisco. After a passage of forty-two days from the above port, she arrived at Tahiti. During the voyage mutiny occurred on board and the captain shot a British sailor in quelling the disturbances. The case would be investigated at Tahiti, and by the next arrive from that port we shall be put in possessin of the details.

February 6, 1853, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Chile: On the 27th, the French ship Cachalot also arrived, with 238 emigrants for California.

February 25, 1853: Daily Alta California

Arrived: Ship Cachelot (Fr), Auguay, 174 days from Havre via Valparaiso, 50 days, mdse to V. Marziou, 195 passengers; 19 females.

Consignees Per Cachalot: V. Marziou & Co.; G. Fache; C. Ritter & Co; Esche, Freres & Co; H. Daruyohus; Bardeman, Neilson & Co.; Larken & Galliot; Gardiff & Co; Rutter, Fessot & Co; Weed & West; J. Dut Ours;  M. B. Bertad; A. Macomb & Co; Massa, Fannessy & Co; R. Westoff; Guerin, Castraut & Pother; Hellman Bros. & Co; T. Guerin & Co. Dapus; Schot Freres; Verdeer Freres & Co; Deffent & Co; A. Expert; Duard; Denoustran Gronfrier; Lazard Freres; Gildemeester, DeFremery & Co; Kamdler & Freres; J. J. Chaviteau; M. Eutat; Bolton, Barron & Co; C. Bertran; and Order.

Consignees per Cachalot, 25 February 1853, DAC.

ImportationsHAVRE -- Per Cachelot (cq): 4 bx books, 2 bx cottons, 2 bx. preserves, 139 bx candles; 195 pkgs vermuth; 4 cs wormwood, 70 cs. Kertz water, 18 cs. curacoa, 26 ca. shoes, 4 cs. cakes, 50 firains butter, 145 cs. sardines, 30 cs preserves, 160 qskts and 82 cases champagne, 12 ca glass, 2 cs snuff and tobacco, 53 cs preserves, 2 cs billiards, 412 granite stones, 6 pkgs perfumery, 10 do furniture, 3 cs tools, 10 cs. tobacco, 502 cs, 20 cks, 20 hf do red wine, 303 empty bottles, 10 cs. ol, 6 cs wax candles, 25 cks white wine, 2 bx nails, 461 pkgs mdse.

April 2, 1853, Daily Alta California

Cleared April 1 -- French ship Cachalot, Anges, Mazatlan, V. Maralou & Co.

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Immigration at the Golden Gate: Passenger Ships, Exclusion, and Angel IslandImmigration to California.
Robert Eric Barde
Perhaps 200,000 immigrants passed through the Angel Island Immigration Station during its lifetime, a tiny number compared to the 17 million who entered through New York's Ellis Island. Nonetheless, Angel Island's place in the consciousness of Americans on the West Coast is large and out of proportion to the numerical record. Angel Island's Immigration Station was not, as some have called it, the Ellis Island of the West, built to facilitate the processing and entry of those welcomed as new Americans. Its role was less benign: to facilitate the exclusion of Asians, starting with the Chinese, then Japanese, Koreans, Indians, and all other Asians.

The Children of Chinatown:
Growing Up Chinese American in San Francisco, 1850-1920

Wendy Rouse Jorae

Migration in World History
(Themes in World History)
Patrick Manning
Drawing on examples from a wide range of geographical regions and thematic areas, noted world historian Patrick Manning guides the reader through trade patterns, including the early Silk Road and maritime trade, effect of migration on empire and industry, earliest human migrations, major language groups, various leading theories around migration.

Italy on the Pacific: San Francisco's Italian Americans
Palgrave Hardcover)
Sebastian Fichera
San Francisco’s Italian immigrant experience is shown to be the polar opposite of Chicago’s. San Francisco’s Italian immigrants are shown as reintegrating into the host society fairly smoothly, whereas the Chicago group’s assimilation process broke down in dramatic ways.

Russian San Francisco
(Images of America)
Lydia B. Zaverukha, Nina Bogdan, Foreward by Ludmila Ershova, PhD.
Even before San Francisco was founded as a city, Russian visitors, explorers, and scientists sailed to the area and made contact with both the indigenous people and representatives of the Spanish government. Although the Russian commercial colony of Fort Ross closed in 1842, the Russian presence in San Francisco continued and the community expanded to include churches, societies, businesses, and newspapers. Some came seeking opportunity, while others were fleeing religious or political persecution.

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