Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

February 3, 1852
SS Panama
Captain Watkins
From Panama


Alta California,, San Francisco, Wednesday Morning, February 4, 1852


Burning of the Capitol
Destruction of the Congressional Library
Dangerous Condition of Mr. Clay
Kossuth in Philadelphia
New Line of California Steamers

"The Pacific Mail Steamship Company’s Panama, which has been due for several days, arrived yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock, bringing 484 passengers and a large mail, with dates from New York to the 26th ult., four days after. The Panama has been delayed by an accident to her machinery. We present the memoranda of her trip, kindly furnished us by Purser Lent, to whom, also we are indebted for the list of passengers, published in an appropriate column, and for late papers:

Left Panama January 12th at 6 o’clock P.M. 19th at 8 o’clock A.M, arrived at Acapulco; left again 5 o;’clock P.M. 23d, at 3 o’clock P.M. passed a steamer bound south; name unknown. 24th, at noon, spoke whaling bark Wm. T. Wheaton of New London, 16 months out, all well; 600 bbls whale and 500 barrels sperm oil; supplied her with late New York papers. 26th at 10/4 A.M., had the misfortune to break the lever shaft in the center; kept under way at about six knot speed until 10 o’clock A.M.; stopped the machinery in order that the engineers might put bands around the break; at 5 o’clock P.M., got under way, but soon found it would not be safe to proceed on our voyage; changed course for San Diego and arrived 10 o’clock 27th; Jan. 28th, at 5 o’clock P.M., the engineer having succeeded in binding and securing the lever shaft, got under way for San Francisco. After being out six hours, the chief engineer, fearing that the repairs which he had made would not stand in the event of the steamer encountering heavy weather, but back for San Diego for the purpose of making the repairs more secure; arrived at San Diego at 8 o’clock A.M. of the 29th; 31st at 2 P.M. the engineer having again secured the break in a most substantial manner got under way again. Too much praise cannot be given the Chief Engineer, Mr. John Graham, for the manner in which he secured the most important piece of machinery, enabling the steamer to get through her voyage with so little loss of time.

Capt. Watkins feels under obligations to Major J. McKinstry, Quarter Master at San Diego, for the prompt assistance rendered, and the use of such articles as were of service in making the necessary repairs.

The propeller McKim, full of passengers for San Francisco, arrived at San Diego on the afternoon of the 28th for supplies. The propeller Monumental City arrived at Panama on Jan. 10th. The steamer Republic was to leave Panama for San Francisco on or about the 15th. No sickness at Panama. Feb. 2d, at 6 o’clock, A.M., passed a steamer bound south; name unknown. At 12 o’clock, P.M., passed a steamer bound south; name unknown. Feb. 3d at 2 o’clock, A.M., saw a light, supposed to be that of a steamer bound south.

We are under obligation to Capt. Watkins for the momentary detention of his steamer at the heads, to permit our marine reporter to board. Through the prompt services of Messrs. Adams & Co.’s Gregory’s and Berford & Co.’s Expresses, we were, immediately on the arrival of the Panama furnished with our usual files of Eastern papers.

Passengers who died enroute: January 29 Augustus W. Robinson, age 58, from Chicot County, Arkansas, of disease of the heart; January 29 William Reynolds, age 34, from Wales, of general debility; January 29 John Q. Jones, age 22, from Scituate, Mass, of fever; January 30 Coman Smith, age 53, from Scituate, Mass, of general debility caused by fever.


Abercrombie J.
Aiken, J.
Alexander, J. and wife
Andrews, J.
Atwill, Charles
Atwill, W.
Atwood, L.M.
Atwood, R.H.
Atwood, W.R.
Aurea, L.
Bagner, S.
Baker, G.R.
Baker, W., Jr.
Ballou, Horace and wife
Banres, E.C.
Barker, C.
Barlin, P.
Barnes, J.
Barnwall, John
Barnwall, W.W.
Benevolo, J.
Bennett, J.F.I.
Bennett, Job and wife
Benns, J. (Beuns Benna )
Benson, O.
Berrucks, W.
Blackburn, J.
Blackman, J.
Bloomfield, R.M.
Bollitt, William
Bow, Thomas
Boyer, A.
Boyle, P.
Bragg, Job
Brander, J.
Brazie, A. G.
Briggs, W. A.
Brorha, J. P.
Brown, C. D.
Brown, Mrs. Lucy, child and servant
Brown, Stephen
Buck, E.
Burns, T.
Bye, C.C.
Byers, D.
Byers, Joseph
Byron, Miss J.
Cameron, F.
Cameron, J.R.
Campbell, W.P.
Carpenter, E.R.
Carpenter, W.
Carter, S.
Carver, D. K.
Case, T.
Chamberlain, J. P., Jr.
Chambers, D., wife and son
Chambers, H. B.
Chauncey, Job, Jr.
Childs, P.G.
Chuhuck, C. F.
Clark, J.
Colcord, Mrs. E. R.
Cole, W.
Cole, William
Coleman, H.S.
Coleman, Mrs. A.
Cornell, S.
Cottenheim, S.
Cottle, O.
Coutollena, J.
Cowen, C.
Cowen, R.
Cowen, W. B.
Craig, Miss M.
Cronley, Dan, wife and child
Croucher, J.H. (Crouther -- the letter between "u" and "h" is unintelligible)
Crowley, P.
Crudgi, M.
Culver, H.F.
Cypher, John
Cypher, S.
Daguahan, P.
Dailey, P.
Daly, P.
Darron, G.
David, J.W.
Davis, J.
Davis, J.
Davis, P. P.
Day, B.O.
Deau, Mrs. C. A.
Delashautt, W.W.
Delashutt, J.
Delashutt, Joseph
Dennen, A. (Dannon Dennon )
Dinat, Joseph, wife and son
Dinat, Miss D.
Dixen, Job
Doane, J.
Doe, N.
Dolsen, Mrs. A.E.
Donnohoe, D.
Donohue, P.
Douglass, J.
Dunning, G.F. (Difficult to read. Rasmussen also suggests Dansing, Dancing, Dunsing)
Dunning, T.
Dyer, J., Jr.
Ellis, J.J.
Elwood, A.L.
Esmond, B., Jr. (Rasmussen questions Edmond although I don’t see a "d" in the Alta California)
Evans, D.
Evans, David
Evans, Thomas
Everhard, I. I.
Eversfield, J.
Ewan, J.
Fairchild, E.
Farmmer, F. (Difficult to read. Fariner Rasmussen questions Fardiner or Gardiner, although it’s clearly an "F" in the Alta California and I don’t see a "d" in the middle).
Farnham, F.J.
Farnsworth, G.
Farnsworth, W.
Faulkner, F. W.
Faulkner, R. F.
Field, E.
Fillburch, C. H.
Fisher, L. W.
Fitch, C. H.
Fitch, C. H.
Fletcher, J. L.
Flint, J. H.
Forbes, W. F.
Ford, S.
Foss, E.
Foss, L.C.
Frank, S.
Frank, S.
Freeman, C.
Freshman, A.
Fuller, C.A.
Fuller, L.C.
Gale, S.H.
Ganley, J.A.
Gardner, Mrs. B. and son
Gaus, L.
Geesh, J.
Geissler, G.
Gilbert, H.
Gillis, W.
Gilman, Thomas
Gilmore, A.F.
Gilmore, A.S.
Ginniss, P.M.
Goodline, J.
Goodman, H.A.
Gray, A.
Gray, G.
Gray, John
Gray, M.
Green, H.A.
Greenly, C.P.
Greenwood, W.
Grunebar, U. (Rasmussen also suggests Grubebar or Gruhebar)
Haines, J.
Hall, A.
Hall, J.
Hall, Mrs. C.
Hall, N.D.
Halm, John
Hamblet, J.M.
Hamilton, W.
Hammon, J.
Hancom, C.
Hare, J.
Harford, F.
Harford, W.
Harrington, E.H.
Harrington, J.F.
Harris, W.R.
Havens, T.
Hayt, J. B.
Heald, A. D.
Heister, W.
Henry, J. F.
Henry, William
Henser, G.
Heustis, H.B.
Hifferman, J.
Hildreth, H.
Hildreth, Henry
Hildreth, J.
Hildreth, M.
Hill, B.F.
Hodgedon, C.
Hogg, James
Holder, C.N.
Hollingshead, J.
Hollman, O.
Holmes, E. M.
Hopkins, C. A.
Hopkins, W. W.
Hopper, G. H.
Horton, Mrs. Ellen
Howard, J. P.
Hoyle, Mrs. E. J.
Hoyt, D. A.
Hoyt, D. B.
Hughes, R.
Hughes, R.
Hunt, E. W.
Hunter, C. P.
Hurst, A.
Huse, R. (Rasmussen questions Hose )
Irving, I.
Irving, W.
Jackson, J.
Janin, Charles
Johns, Thomas
Jones, D.
Jones, D.
Jones, Daniel
Jones, David
Jones, Dr. Alexander
Jones, John G.
Jones, T.
Jones, T.
Jones, Theodore
Joseph, J.
Joseph, J.
Jymmes, W.
Kellogg, C.
Kent, J. H.
Kenyon, George
Kenyon, William
Kerwin, W.
Keyes, D. W.
Kidder, E. J.
Knapp, O.
Knowlton, A.B.
Kuber, N.
Lancy, T.G.
Lane, C.W.
Lane, George L.
Lathrop, B.G., wife and three children
Lawrence, Miss H.
Leggett, R.
Lehman, Joseph (Lohman )
Lesler, C.
Levi, R.
Levy, R.
Lewellyn, E.
Libby, D.
Libby, D.M.
Libby, Hy
Lilly, W.
Little, D.
Little, H.
Long, L.L.
Lovejoy, R.B.
Loyd, A.
Macdonald, M.
Malona, J.
Marsh, N.
Mattesh, J.
Maxim, L. J.
Mays, A. G.
Mays, J. M.
Mays, W. C.
McAnnally, J.
McCarty, J.
McCollum, Mrs. Z.
McKee, W. H.
McMaster, M.
Meadan, J. E.
Meadan, S.
Meagebeam, M. (Next to impossible to read ’ maybe Meagebaum or Meageboom)
Merrill, J.S.
Messersmith, J.
Messinger, H. H.
Mills, J.
Mire, H.
Miser, G.
Moore, S.
Moore, W.
Morgan, D.
Morgan, D.
Morgan, E.
Morgan, E.
Morris, W.
Morris, W.
Morton, C.L.
Mott, L.F.
Nash, T.
Noble, A.
Noble, H.S.
Noble, J. and wife
Noble, Miss M.
Noral, John
Nuttall, John
O’Donnell, M.
O’Neil, J.
Oakley, L. F.
Page, Mrs. J. M., son and servant
Pardee, A. F.
Pardee, E. H.
Pardee, Lewis
Parkhurst, A., Jr.
Parks, J.
Parsalis, S.
Patterson, E.R.
Patterson, James A. and wife
Patterson, R.W.
Patterson, S.
Peabody, A.W.
Pemrock, S.D.
Perkins, Mrs. S.C.
Pollett, W.
Porter, C.
Porter, James
Porter, John
Powers, Job
Pratt, R.
Pritchard, W.
Putnam, G. A.
Quimby, H.
Redgeway, J. (this is accurate and this person was not listed alongside the Ridgeways)
Reisner, J.
Remter, M.
Renloh, M.
Reulas, T.
Reynolds, H.
Reynolds, J.
Reynolds, Mrs. J., child and servant
Reynolds, R.P.
Reynolds, S.M.
Richards, J.
Richardson, A.L.
Rider, W.
Ridgeway, J.
Ridgeway, S.
Ridgeway, W.
Riverras, A.
Roake, J.H.
Roberts, M.
Roberts, Samuel
Robinson, Miss R.
Robinson, Miss Rebecca
Roland, J.
Root, J.C.
Roper, Joseph
Rose, C.H.
Rossey, T.
Rourbach, H.
Rowell, W.
Ryan, D.
Saddler, W.
Saivance, S.
Sanburn, M.
Sanford, J.
Sanford, J.N.
Savadge, L. (This is correct, although it may have been a typographical error as there is a B. Savage directly below this name on the passenger lists)
Savage, B.
Sawyer, W. H.
Schander, J. F.
Schmidt, Mrs. A.
Shaw, John
Shaw, W.M.
Sherman, J.
Shick, C.
Sibley, W.N.
Simmons, T.
Simms, J. P.
Simons, Stephen and wife
Smith, E.
Smith, J.
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, N.
Smith, P.
Smith, Peter, Jr.
Smith, V.R.
Smith, W. H.
Somers, Mrs. J.
Southworth, P. T.
Spaulding, S.
Stebbins, G. H.
Steele, J.
Stephens, G. F.
Stout, Wm. G.
Sturges, Mrs. J.
Sutton, G. W.
Sweet, E.
Sweetland, C. G.
Sykes, J. M.
Tabacle, Charles
Tabor, D. (Rasmussen questions Taber )
Tailor, A.
Tailor, C.
Tate, A.
Taylor, W.H.
Taylor, William
Templeton, M.
Thayer, L.
Thomas, George W.
Thomas, J.
Thomas, W.
Thompson, F.
Thompson, Samuel
Tibbetts, P.
Tibbetts, W.
Tilden, C.
Todd, R.
Tompkins, John
Tracy, J. C.
Uran, W. L.
Walker, F.
Washbvo, A.H. (Wahbvn Washbun )
Water, W.
Weeks, Alex
Weeks, L., Jr.
Welch, Simon
Wells, Lemuel
Wellya, E.
Welsch, S.
Whapey, T.H.
Wheeter, W. (Rasmussen questions Wheeler , although the Alta California clearly lists Wheeter)
Whitcomb, H.
White, H.
White, L.L.
White, N.
Whittaker, J.
Wicker, Peter
Williams, D.
Williams, Daniel
Williams, David
Williams, J., wife and son
Williams, J. E.
Williams, T. A.
Williams, T. A.
Wills, D.
Wilson, J.R.
Wilson, John
Wilson, M.
Witherby, M.
Wolfe, E.
Wolfe, J.
Wolfe, W.
Wolfe, W.
Wolmering, J.
Wood, C.D.
Wood, W. Jr.
Wood, W.D.
Wood, Walter
Woodruff, H. R.
Woodward, D. B.
Wright, C.L.
Yates, W.
Young, C.H.


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