Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco

SS New World

Arrive San Francisco

July 11, 1850
SS New World
Captain Wakeman
From New York


Daily Alta California, San Francisco, Friday Morning, July 12, 1850


The Steamship New World, Capt. Wakeman, arrived from New York yesterday morning, via Cape Horn and Panama.

It will be recollected that she sailed from New York on the 10th of February. She touched at Rio Janeiro during the time the yellow fever was raging there and lost fifteen of her crew. She left Valparaiso on the 11th of May, and Panama on the 20th of June, stopping at Acapulco and San Diego. She brought up 217 passengers.

The Oregon had not arrived at Panama when the New World left.

The Steamship Isthmus of Law’s line, sailed for this port twelve hours before the N.W. When off Cape Corrientes, the New World experienced a severe gale.

The New World put into San Diego for coal but could get none. She went to San Pedro, California, and received 30 tons from a vessel in that port. The gale she experienced, lasted 36 hours, it broke a steam chest, which put three feet of water in the hold. That forced her into a cove for repairs.


Note: The Daily Alta California lists these passengers as being "from Panama to San Francisco," but also notes states of origin.

From New York:

Allen, J. C.
Andrews, J. F.
Baker, G. R.
Ball, W.
Bany, D. J.
Bard, Russel
Bayard, E. N.
Beldon, J. J.
Beldon, O.
Bennett, G. W.
Bliss, William M.
Bradway, O. P.
Browne, W.
Bull, W. N.
Butler, O .J.
Caldwell, B. H.
Carpenter, E. B.
Castler, R. W.
Chase, M.
Clark, J. E. F.
Clement, W.
Crombe, J. A.
Davis, G. D.
Davis, R. M.
Denirow, J.
Dixon, D.
Duclin, David
Dugau, A.
Dumaul, P.
Evens, Levi
Everett, T.
Ferrell, M. O.
Gardener, J.
Goddard, L. O.
Goff, S.
Grinnel, W. H.
Hager, J. M.
Haley, M. B.
Hall, S.C.
Hamilton, E.
Hill, Thomas
Hodges, D. H.
Hooag, B. H.
Hopkinson, C.
Hoych, Samuel
Hozl, Leon
Huberd, J. E.
Jones, F. H.
Keep, B.
Ketchum, E. B.
Ketchum, P.
Larkins, F.
Leverett, J.
Lewis, H. C.
Lockwood, R.
Mallery, J. L.
Mann, J. P.
Marey, H.
Marsh, G.
Mickle, P. D.
Mooney, I.
Mooney, R. D.
Murphy, E.
Paddock, Isaac
Paibell, F. W.
Patrick, Charles
Paybill, L.
Phelps, J. D.
Pullerton, H. O.
Ramey, L.
Ray, W.
Riley, L.
Sackell, E. B.
Saunders, J., Jr.
Saunders, W. G.
Scovell, E. L.
Silence, E.
Sloane, Oliver
Smith, G. W.
Somers, A.
Stanley, A.
Starkweather, W. B.
Stewart, J. D.
Strickland, Samuel
Swates, J.
Taunison, P.
Taunison, R.
Taunison, S. S.
Underhill, B.
Washburn, A.
Waters, J. B.
Whitcomb, H. H.
White, J.
Wigent, F. E.
Williams, A.
Wilson, W. H.
Wirants, H. L.

From Tennessee:

Allen, J.
Barry, D. and servant
Blackmore, J. D.
Carr, W.L.
Cartwright, J. E.
Charleton, L.
Charleton, R.
Douglas, R. B.
Elliot, S.
Hyart, J.
Love, G.
Lowe, W.
Parey, J.
Patterson, W.
Pearson, G. W.
Saffront, Issac
Terry, H. M.
Wallace, C. H.
Wilson, T. C.
Wright, W.

From Ohio:

Anderson, William
Bell, David
Bliss, O. N.
Cole, Thomas
Ferris, J.
Ferris, John
Ferris, K.
Fulton, P. D.
Grinland, James
Hall, E. N.
Hopkins, J.
Ingram, J.
Joslyn, D. A.
Parish, W. L.
Parker, C. S.
Picklingering, Jacob
Polham, John
Pryer, William
Ricketts, H.
Riley, Charles
Wilson, W.

From Pennsylvania:

Hill, H.
Hill, J. H., M.D.
Hill, R. C.
Hill, W. D.
Mott, O. H.
Philips, J. M.
Rivers, W. B.

From Massachusetts:

Bach, W. H.
Day, John
Estabrook, A.
Gorham, E.C.
Gorham, William
Grover, L. S.
Hill, I.
Holt, J. F.
Marey, C.
Marey, D.
Marey, H. I.
Muge, M. P.
Osborne, Wyman H.
Prince, W.
Richardson, A. G.
Stevens, C. B.
Stevens, Daniel
Templeton, H.
Triample, C.

From Connecticut:

Champion, H. G.
Greene, F. P.
Holcomb, E. D.
Holcomb, R.
Mooney, John
Noyes, H.

From Vermont:

Clark, J.
Dadley, A.
Dodge, O.A.
Ely, F.W.
Hamilton, J.
Harick, H. B.
Haze, H. B.
Hill, E.
Hongton, John
Hozet, J.
Jakes, W.
Kellen, B.
Lawrence, J. W.
Luther, W.
Mucham, H.
Patrick, I.
Skinner, B. W.
Skinner, G. B.
Strover, W. D.
Wadener, S. F.
Ward, W. O.
Whither, F. H.

From Other States:

Bennett, H. M. (Illinois)
Case, H. F. (Michigan)
Denison, J. A. (New Hampshire)
Engle, W. (New Jersey)
Girt, H. I. (Illinois)
Hernandez, M.D. (Florida)
Hirck, J. (Indiana)
Hocks, C. B. (New Hampshire)
Kelsey, Capt. D. S. (Texas)
Kennedy, J. M. (Michigan)
King, Charles (Maine)
Lathlope, M. J. (Michigan)
Luther, T. B. (Rhode Island)
McRoy, E. (New Hampshire)
Morgon, E. (Illinois)
Nicholls, B. (Rhode Island)
Nowall, S. G. and servant (Texas)
Orb, Mr. (from San Diego, California)
Peck, J. G. (Virginia)
Rogers, G. W. (New Jersey)
Roulfe, C. B. (New Hampshire)
Schwaits, Mr. (from San Diego, California)
Ward, F. E. (Kentucky)

The New World was later used by California Steam Navigation Co. to carry mail and passengers along inland waterways to Sacramento and Stockton.

November 30, 1855, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

California Steam Navigation Co.

Departure from Pacific street Wharf.
October 1st, 1855.

Steamer New World, Captain Saml. Seymour

Steamer Antelope, Captain E. A. Poole

Steamer Confidence

Steamer Wilson G. Hunt

Steamer Helen Hensley, Captain E. C. M. Chadwick

Steamer Bragdon, Captain Thomas Seeley

Steamer Urilda, Captain E. Z. Clark

Steamer Cornelia, Captain E. Concklin

One of the above steamers will leave Jackson street wharf every day at 4 o'clock P.M. (Sundays excepted) FOR SACRAMENTO AND STOCKTON, connecting with light draft steamers for MARYSVILLE, COLUSA, AND RED BLUFFS.

For further particulars inquire at the office of the Company, corner of Jackson and Front streets.

SAM'L L. HEMSLEY, President



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