Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS New Orleans

Arrive San Francisco

March 5, 1852
SS New Orleans
Captain Hammersly
From Panama via Acapulco


18 days from Panama, via Acapulco, Mexico 10 days. The following deaths took place during the passage: February 23, 1852 Matthew Hullerman (Hollerman ) aged 23 years. Buried at Acapulco, Mexico. February 22, 1852 E.J. Murphy of Michigan, aged 19. February 17, 1852 Captain H. lake, jumped overboard in a fit of insanity.

Sacramento Daily Union, March 10, 1852

The Crowds Upon the Isthmus

We were informed yesterday by a gentleman who came upon the New Orleans, that this steamer brought off from Panama nearly seven hundred passengers. He said that they were just as much condensed as it was possible for them to be. Some of them said they had purchased tickets with an agreement to take a standing outside position; but, notwithstanding the manner in which the steamers had, all of them, been loaded, the whole of them more or less after the system adopted by the New Orleans, yet there were thousands left upon the Isthmus, impatiently awaiting an opportunity to embark for San Francisco.

Such an immense pouring in of immigrants to this country makes the ensuing season one of vast importance to California. Such an immigration will be a benefit to the country, if the persons coming are imbued with energetic and well trained business habits. If they are disposed to engage industriously in developing the true resources of California; if they will become practical miners, agriculturists, mechanics or traders, they will not only enhance the interests of our State, but they will also realize a revenue which could not be achieved at the East in the same time, or with the same exertion. But if such men, as many who have heretofore immigrated to this country make up a great portion of those who are now coming, their adventure will not only be a failure upon their part, at their presence and necessities will act like an incubus upon our progress.

There are already scores, hundreds, and probably thousands of individuals now in California who have been here for two years, and the aggregate amount of absolute, productive industry which they have manifested, would not have supported a good sized family with the necessaries of life.

And yet at the same time that we have had a large number of such "hopeful " adventurers amongst us, there never has been a time at which it would have been reasonably difficult for men to obtain constant employment at three dollars per day and found; nor is it scarcely possible for men to busy themselves in steady mining in such a way as to make an average below this standard of compensation. Too large a class of this kind of immigrants have already found their way to California. They, of course, are disgusted with the country, and of course the country is most righteously disgusted with them.

What California needs most is persevering industry, and good, productive common sense labor. No country can less prudently engage in the support of ostentatious displays in the maintenance of visionaries or the building up of a large circle of speculating theorists who, like the troublesome friend of David Copperfield, are always waiting for something to "turn up," or for an opportunity to "turn up" something. A long Parliament, or a long Legislature, a gassy Convention, or a fancy stock manufactory, are not the things for the new State upon the Pacific. We want men who are willing to work, and whose expectations have not 1-cen too grossly enlarged by microscopic exaggerations. It such men constitute the great bulk of those who are now coining in such abundance, we welcome them to the country if not, the country would be benefited, vastly benefited, by a much smaller tide of immigration. The bare fact that Californians are now paying fifty cents per pound for onions; and ten cents for turnips, is sufficient evidence that the interests of horticulture have not been as yet, adequately responded to.


E. J. Whitt and servant
Mrs. Hill
P. B. Vance and servant
J. S. Stillwell and servant
L. Smith and lady
Mrs. Thomas and 3 children
Mrs. Mullen and child
Mrs. R. J. Howe and child
Mrs. C. J. Howe and child
Mrs. O. Reeder
T. M. Keefer, lady and 3 children
Mrs. A. Keefer and 4 children
Miss Chapman
Dr. Churchill, lady and servant
J. Burrington
E. Dongyear
Mr. Berwin and servent
.Y. Tomlinson
J. W. Wilson
J. B. Suters
Henry Lake
Mrs. Corbet
C. C. howell
J. Tollensbee
J.L. Manchester
Joseph Beal
A. P. Beal
T. J. Hegtorver
H. L. Franklin
James Porter
Thomas Allen
R. McDermott
John Cummings
G. McGee
W. Brantou
L. H. Brannock
W. R. Smith
Dr. Hyde, lady and servant
Mrs. Desplat
P. Desplat
Mrs. King and 2 children
J. P. Thurston and lady
G. Dalvin and lady
Anto Vogill
Mrs. Ludwig
John Multally
Robert Hammond
J. W. Harker and lady
Dr. Hobart
Mrs. Lewelling and 3 children
Mr. Lewelling, lady and 2 children
Mrs. Carathers and child
W. Woods and lady
N. Hagg
Madame Charales
G. Gurner
F. M. Hothorn
N. Roney
D. B. Gray
A. D. Lee
W. W. Lee
J. S. Lee
John Clements
David Jones
Thomas Nichols
John Godsell
W. Moon
J. S. Bloom
L. Birmingham
Allen Tinner
Thomas Lay
Ann Lay
John Berry
T. Edgar
A. H. Denis and lady
J. J. Westlake and lady
P. McLean and lady
Mrs. Munell and servant
Mrs. Ellen O'Brien
Mrs. P. Cosgrove
P. Moore, lady and 4 children
Mare Hartman and child
John H. Dunn
Dr. House
L. Ormsby and servant
P. Cosgrove
Mrs. Doland
Mrs. Hamilton and 3 chidlren
H.B. Weir
D. Heath
J. Pate and lady
D. C. Freeman
O. H. Bolderston
Mr. Hodgkins
T. J. Gareth
J. Knowlton
Miss J. Clarke
W. Bar
John Borland
James Baxter
John F. Newall
W. Daniel
Lambert Watts
W. C. Bunn
P. McQuin
Giles Bishop
Roert Ford
E. Milks
G. Eager
N. Holland
J. P. Snelling
J. Leamer
Jean Desplat
Madame Desplat
Benni Desplat
Mr. Chapman
H.G. Stouffer
G. Bordwell
John Bowman
J. Werner
T. Kattick
George Illing
Anson J. Still
Chris Loneberger
W. Yarborough
W. Cohn
G.W. Drake
J. Vantine
Enos Drake
John Loring
John Becker
Charles Bowman
John Bliss
P. Melhearne
J. Loncriger
C. Kupper
A. Allendorf
Luke Sepro
C. Thomas
W. Williams
E. J. Evans
W. R. Williams
H. F. Davis
D. Williams
A. Davis
N. McLean
James Glaze
L.D. Wright
W. Ingram
John Coghlan
C. Linehan
J. Linehan
Jacob Brache
J. R. Underwood
J. J. Underwood
W.D. George
J. Finscher
H. A. Green
W. Taylor
Jacob New
Y. L. McLenore
James Mason
J. W. Congdon
S. M. Quin
W. P. Love
Mr. Muleen
P. Bane
D. Bane
J. Bowmaster
George Mishier
Charles Bauman
A.S. Van Neep
Francis Breeween
J. Sutter
T. Mealer
George Torney
Peter Smith
James C. Brown
W. C. Comstock
R. Kohler
John Nock
George Stemple
Alex Thompson
Robert Thompson
Robert Scneider
John Weller
Mr. Bland, boy and servant
Owen Morgan
M. Morgan
Thomas Philllips
Benjiman Thomas
J. J. Thomas
J. Fullerton
W. A. Smith
W. P. Underwood
G. B. Reed
W. Leach
M. Geary
C. King
W.W. Worley
Ambrose Worley
E.. Worley
Alson Worley
E. Williams
James M. Crow
J. J. Riley
Alfred Low
Thomas Low
P.Cosgrove and lady
Charles Bidault
J.D. Colburn
J. McNeas
M. Hamilton
Robert Dearden
W. Leonard
W.H. Murphy
T. Kneef
C. Bloeth
Charles Wedgewood
S. Howe and 4 children
H. Stegan
D. H. Ellidge
John Nateens
W. J. Fifield
A. Packard
J. R. Taylor
John Nateens
W. J. Fifield
A. Packard
J. R. Taylor
B. Evans
A. Helscher
Mats Hallaran
James Simmons
Robert Bryce
James Murgroff
Michael Behler
H. Wibenoch
E. Morris
George John
John Pugh
J. Batton
Daniel Wilkinson
John Stegall
E. McCrary
J. Dishervon
Thomas Stringer
A. J. Warf
J. W. Kerbow
John Kerbow
S. Motler
E. F. Smyer
J. B. Wayne
Jesse Carroll
R. C. Emerson
Charles Man
D. H. Brannon
A. G. Brannon
Samuel King
Thomas Galt
C. Memfield
D. Hunt
James Ganinger
B. Lennon, lady and 2 children
John Rice
Edward Block
John Davis
W. Davis
J. W. Davis
John Walsh
W. W. Goodspeed
W. Levitem
Mr. Underoof
John Gore
H. Powell
A. Morgan
G. L. Merrits
H. H. Riker
W. J. Stedman
J. H. Glass
Isaac Hano
S. Kent
E. Sheldon
S. Wattingly
James O. Johnson
J. H. Jorden
B. A. Berry and boy
Mr. Hanson
J. Smith
T. Upton
D. Manley
Richard Rogers
G. Carrell
Jacob Howell
T. H. Howell
A. S. Kenner
W. R. Graves
J. Samuel
E. Samuel
F. Garcher
J. Clarke
A. A. Starkee
J. Sterling
W. T. Anderson
S. Brackett
C. Geenish
J. Smullen
E. W. Webster
W. H. Murphy
J. Roberts
A. Ray
J. Rock, lady and child
Thomas Peaseley
Geoerge Etter
Walter Young
Robert Dearden
A. Parsons
H. Fenterhall
J. S. Leveter
H. Blingham and lady
Phillip Wheeler
John Atkins
W. H. Lewis
J. Smith
P. Smith
L.B. Golden
E. Parker
B. Porter
J.C. Hammond
John McCune
A. Turner
A. D. McDevits
Charles Riddle
E. Walsh
George Lewis
D. N. Ellidge
A. Burns
E. Burns
W. Young
W. B. Donaldson
J. J. Westlake
W. Hunter
B. Lever
J. Dockery
J. Cunningham
R. Gilchrist
T. Kay
J. Coleman
W. Camp
R. Evans
J. Evans
H. Evans
W. Evans
Joseph Evans
Margaret Evans
G. McGee
J. Simmons
R. F. Laws
J. Forsyth
John Cadman
Mr. Cosgrove and lady
M. Harris
W. Greenwood
J. Webster
Isaac Reed
L. Donnelly
George Jackson
John Neis and lady
J. S. Burpee
D. Burpee
Mr. Uler
S. Wells
P.G. Clarke
James Smith
W. Wells
W. Beekman
D. C. Scott
A. McMurphy
John Ross
W. D. Dougherty
M. Roney
John Richards
J. H. Nateens
J. S. French
S. P. Sampson
J. W. Richmond and lady
J. Mellory
J. Loveland
J. Walsh
M. Mulheever
M. Shaver
J. Watson
J. Owens
Charles Curry
R. Berger
T. J. Heytower
T. McDonald
R. Merrill
R. Wilson
J. Moore
M. Curry
W. K. Wallace
G. H. Davis

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