Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Northern Light

From New York

July 1863
Through passage from the SS Northern Light
From New York to San Francisco (via Panama or Nicaragua)


Daily Alta California, July 9, 1863

IMMIGRANTS BY SEA. The following named are passengers from the Atlantic States, en route to California, per Aspinwall and Nicaragua steamers.


The following passengers left New York with through passage to San Francisco per Aspinwall and Nicaragua steamers.

The Daily Alta California did not note which passengers continued through to San Francisco. Presumably the majority of these passengers did arrive in San Francisco aboard either the SS St. Louis on July 9, 11 A.M. or the Moses Taylor on July 12, 1863.

Passengers by the Northern Light for Nicaragua 1863.Abrams, L., wife and four children
Althof, G.
Althof, H.
Anderson, G. E.
Anthony, Mrs. L. and two children
Bailey, G. C.
Bailey, J. H.
Baker, R.
Barlow, Mrs. D. and two children
Barnet, Mrs. C. H.
Barnum, Mrs. and child
Benton, T. H.
Biedenbach, Mrs. E. and child
Bixby, A. S.
Bondry, Mrs.
Borden, C.
Braham, H. and wife
Braham, Miss A.
Braham, Miss E.
Brown, J.
Brown, T.
Buchanan, J.
Burke, Miss
Burke, Miss M.
Burke, T.
Burnett, Eliza
Byington, Mrs. and two children
Call, J. J. and wife
Cameron, Elijah S.
Cameron, Isabella R.
Cameron, W. G.
Carr, T.
Chase, Miss S. J.
Chawen, Mrs.
Coleman, J.
Collins, J.B.
Colmer, J.
Colten, J.M.
Conelly, T.
Connelly, Miss T.
Conner, H.
Cowles, H. H.
Creighton, J. F.
Creighton, J. S.
Creighton, Miss L. J.
Creighton, Mrs. M.J.
Crosby, F.W.
Cubbins, Miss
Danforth, Emma M. and child
Darling, Mrs. and son
Dayley, Miss
Dederky, H.
Dennis, Mr.
Devere, J.
Dexter, J.
Dubois, Miss F.
Duke, J. and wife
Dunn, Mrs. and two children
Durbrow, Mrs. J. and four children
Engelhardt, J.
Felton, Caroline A. and two children
Fieldham, J.
Flint, J. P.
Franckman, S. and boy
Frank, J. J.
Freund, P.
Frignet, Mrs.
Frost, Maria
Fuller, H. J.
Gabriel, Mary
Gallerlane, Mrs. R.
Gilman, O.W.
Gilman, S. B.
Gladding, N. J. (Note: On July 13th, Wm. B. Gladding of New York checked into the Occidental Hotel)
Glocker, Maria
Hammond, Mrs. S.H. and two children
Harris, Mr. M.L.
Harris, U.
Harrison, Mrs. H. and two children
Hart, Mary and child
Head, W.S.
Herrioth, J. and three children
Hittell, G.W.
Hobbs, Sam (Might be Sam Hobbe)
Hoffman, T. P.
Hogan, Mrs. M. and child
Holloway, Miss T. and two children
Howe, Mrs. H.J.
Hunt, W.H.
Hunter, A. U., wife and three children
Huse, C.C. and wife
Ince, Miss and sister
Ingalls, M.A.
Jackson, C.G.
Jackson, Mrs. E.D.
Jones, J.L.
Kaebel, C.J. and wife
Kahn, Mrs. and child
Keeler, Capt. J. N.
Keeler, Mrs. and child
Keller, Mrs. J. M. and child
Kerby, Miss E.
King, J.R.
King, Mrs. M.G.
Kline, J. S.
Korn, F. A.
Kurchler, Kate
Laventhal, H.
Levy, M.
Lewis, D.
Little, Mrs.
Little, W. B.
Lucy, A.
Lynch, J., wife and child
Lynch, Kate
Lynch, Mrs. and Miss
Mackie, Dr.
MacLean, Mrs. E. G. and two children
Manchester, L.H.
Marvin, J.H.
McGinnis, Miss C.
McNamara, Eliza
Meader, B.F. and child
Mitchell, A.M.
Mitchell, Miss
Moor, A.B.
Morgan, Mrs. P.H. and two children
Myrick, F.W.
Nash, H.M.
Neubrik, T.
Norton, Mrs. and three children
Nye, William H.
Parker, E.P.
Pelly, Mrs. E. and child
Perry, Mrs. H. and child
Perry, Mrs. J.W.
Phelps, Miss H.J.
Poett, A.
Randall, H.
Randall, H.N.
Randall, J.
Raway, B.
Reese, Miss A.P.
Reese, Miss M.J.
Rhody, Miss A.
Rhody, Miss C.
Rhody, Miss K.
Robertson, Miss
Rose, S.M.
Roseman, E. and son
Rosenbury, A.
Ross, F.
Ruddy, Miss M.
Ruggles, G.R.
Ruggles, Miss A.B.
Sanderson, Miss
Sargent, Mrs. and child
Schmidt, G.H. and wife
Seymour, G.
Shafer, H.S.
Shepard, Mrs. C. and child
Shryock, Miss H.
Sims, J.
Smith, Miss S.B.
Smith, Mrs. W.W. and child
Smith, O.B.
Soule, H.G. and wife
Spicer, E.R. and wife
Stebbing, Adelia B.
Steuben, Jane
Stone, M., wife and child
Strong, Mrs. G.D. and two children
Swineford, S.C.
Thompson, C.
Thwaite, Louisa
Trahey, Mrs. J.
Turk, D.
Two Misses Rich (that is exactly how it is listed)
Vanderhoff, H. A.
Walter, J. W. and two sisters
Wardwell, H.
Waterson, Jane
Weed, J.
Weeks, T. S.
West, A.
Wetlen, Miss M.
Wilcox, R.
Winsor, W. E.
Woods, Miss
Wooster, H. E. and wife

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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