Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


Arrive San Francisco

Sunday, June 7, 1863 2PM 
SS Moses Taylor 
Captain James H. Blethen, Commander
From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Monday Morning, June 8, 1863, Daily Alta California, San Francsico 

The Nicaragua steamer Moses Taylor, arrived at an early hour on the 7th inst.


The steamship Moses Taylor left San Francisco April 30th, at noon; arrived at San Juan del Sur May 12th, encountering heavy weather most of the passage.

The very low stage of water in the San Juan River prevented a rapid transit from ocean to ocean. The rainy season has now set in, and already the tributaries of the lower San Juan River are rising, so that no more delays from this or any other cause is likely to occur again. The Transit Company have four magnificent steamers in the trade, and every preparation has been made to take the future passengers through in thirty-six hours.

Left San Juan May 24th; arrived at Acapulco and coaled May 28th; left Acapulco May 29th; touched at Cape St. Lucas in answer to signal, received mail, and proceeded to San Francisco; arrived on Sunday morning, eleven and a half days from San Juan del Sur.

June 3d. J.C. Stoey, cabin passenger, from Acapulco to San Francisco, committed suicide at ten oclock in the morning by shooting himself through the head with a pistol ball. 

Affairs in Lower California

The Moses Taylor reports that on June 1st, 4-1/2 P.M., she saw a fire burning and a flag on Signal Mountain, Cape St. Lucas, and put the ship towards shore to ascertain the cause; lowered the small boat for first officer to go to the beach and communicate with the persons who were making signals. The roar of the surf was too great to obtain any intelligent information; but we learned that parties were waiting a little further up the coast and wanted to send important information to San Francisco by steamer. As soon as the quarter boat returned, the steamer proceeded up the coast but a short distance when she was signalized by a schooner, who sent to the steamer a large mail bag, the men stating that the news was very important and urged quick delivery and stated at the same time that there was hard fighting all over that part of the country, in which the Americans were engaged. The boatmen appeared to very much excited on the subject of the mission.


Not listed.


Arthur, Mr., wife and child
Backenten, J.
Badger, Oliver
Bahen, Miss Kate
Berkans, H. V.
Berwin, Mrs. M. E. and child
Besse, J. O. (J. O. Besec of New York checked into the Occidental Hotel on June 7th. Note two different spellings)
Beswald, Mrs. C.
Bonnifald, W.C. and boy (Might be W.L. Bonnifald)
Booth, A. B.
Bowen, H.
Broomfield, Mary and Maggie
Brown, D. W.
Bryant, J. S., wife and daughter
Burton, Mrs. M. E.
Carey, Reuben and wife
Chadwick, Capt. C. B.
Chamberlain, Mrs. C. C.
Chestnut, J. A., wife and six children
Clark, H. H. and wife
Clark, Mrs. M.A.
Clifton, Miss L., mother and child
Clinan, Mrs. M. and infant
Conrad, S.
Cooper, A. and wife
Cornell, G.
Corner, W. B.
Coy, Mrs. E.
Curtis, J. P. and child (Note: J.A. Curtiss and Miss Curtiss from New York checked into the Occidental Hotel on June 7th. These could be the same as J.A. Curtis on the ship, with a misspelling of one or the other)
Eckert, J.
Edwards, Mrs. and two children (Mrs. Edwards and family of New York checked into the Occidental Hotel on June 7th)
Elmer, Miss Mary
Elphick, W.
French, M.
Gilman, J. M.
Haff, Miss E.
Hanlon, Mrs. and infant
Harris, A.
Higbie, G. and daughter
Holman, Mrs. and six children
Hynes, ? and child (No first name listed)
Ingersoll, H. and wife
Jessel, Mrs.
Jessup, S. R.
Johnson, L., wife and three children
Jones, Wm
Keel, J., wife and three children
King, Philip and wife
Lape, F.
Leddy, F.
Lee, Mrs. E.
Lepsey, Mrs.
Mooney, Master S. O.
Napier, Kate
O Brien, Misses E. and B.
O Neill, Timothy
Palmer, John H.
Pendleton, E.L. and wife
Praden, J. 
Praden, Mrs. and three children
Reed, Miss S. M. (Henry Reed of New York checked into the Occidental Hotel on June 7th)
Richard, J.
Riley, J.

Golden Gate.Nicaragua.
(Sunrise in Nicaragua, 1869
Roland, J.
Ross, W.J.
Rudesill, Jacob
Russell, Mrs. and infant
Ryan, P. and wife
Ryard, Miss E.
Seevers, C.
Skillman, P. O. and wife
Slater, B. F. and wife
Smith, C. M., wife and child
Smith, Mrs. C. W. and infant
Stamper, M.
Stewart, G. W.
Stimson, J. H.
Tomlinson, Geo
Walker, R. 
Waterman, R.
Williams, C. P., wife and child
Wilson, A., wife and five children
Wood, Abram
Wood, Denois
Woodridge, J. M., wife and three children
Wrey, M.
and 472 other unlisted passengers.

The following Easterners checked into the Occidental Hotel on June 7th; some may have been part of the 472 unlisted passengers:

L. Vega and party, Mazatlan; W.H. Forbes and family, New York; Miss Sargeant, New York; G.A. Raymond, New York; Henry Reed, New York; R.G. Berford, New York; Dr. McNaughton, Steamer Constitution; E.M. Jenkins, Steamer Constitution; Capt. Blethen, Steamer Moses Taylor; M. Gautier and Family, Consul General, France; W.E. Brittingham, Illinois; Robt. Louthan, Illinois; Saml. J. Murfey, Guaymas.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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