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Sea Captains E. H. Ackley

October 28, 1850, Sacramento Transcript, Sacramento, California

Port of San Francisco. Arrived: October 25 -- Steamship Antelope, Capt. Ackley, 24 days from Panama.

January 18, 1851, Sacramento Transcript, Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

Sailed: Steamer Antelope, Ackley, Panama. 200 passengers and $500,000.

March 8, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Law's Line of Pacific Steamers

FARE REDUCED -- The favorite steamship Antelope, Captain E. H. Ackley, will leave San Francisco for Panama on Saturday, March 15th, connected at Chagres with the United States Mail steamship Ohio, on the 11th April, for New York and New Orleans.

August 31, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California

Mutiny on board the Commodore Stockton.

Ou the morning of Tuesday, the 8th inst., the steerage passengers on board the Commodore Stockton, which had put back to Panama for repairs, went aft in a body and demanded their passage money. This not being furnished, they proceeded forward, stopped the hands at work, took possession of the vessel, and commenced destroying the rigging. At the request of Capt. Ackley, solicited the aid of the government; a body of soldiers were dispatched to Taboga, to suppress the mutiny.

On their appearance the ship was surrendered to the proper officers.

September 9th, 1851, San Francisco Report on Daniel Whilden. Executive Chamber: Your Committee report that a Mutineer on board the Steamer Commodore Stockton was brought into their Custody by the name of Daniel Whillden. After a full examination, we discharged the Prisoner from our custody on the ground that it was a case not properly before us.

(Signed) S. Payran, President of Ex. Com.,
Thomas J. L. Smiley, Sec pro tem

Capt. Henry Randall -- I am Capt. of the Northerner -- Daniel Whillden started from Panama in the Propeller Stockton -- and he wth other created a mutiny on board and drove the Capt. and crew off the ship -- Whillden came on board my ship as passenger at Panama., the first I see of him he was urging the steerage passengers to go and take the Cabin passengers fare and said follow me; as soon as I heard that for fear they would make a rush I stepped up to him and put my hand on his shoulder requested him to be quiet, he said no and stuck me. The steward, Doct. and 1st mate thent ook hold of him and I ordered him aft and put him in irons -- he has since threatened my life and the mates. I believe he was intoxicated at the time or I do not think that he would have done it.


October 15, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco: Commodore Stockton, Ackley from Panama. Empire City Line.

October 25, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco: Commodore Stockson, Ackley, from Panama

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