Arrivals at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s


Arrive San Francisco

July 2, 1850 (Another sources cites July 9, 1850)
Cachalot (also spelled Cacholet)
Captain Taber
From Valparaiso, Chile and Panama


Arrived in San Francisco on July 1, 1850. 73 days from Valparaiso, Chile.

Barque Cachalot, Captain Taber.


Consigned to master. 1000 bags flour, 22,000 feet lumber and 15 cwt potatoes.

Daily Alta California, September 27, 1850)


Adams, Sam
Applegate, John W.
Armstrong, J. L.
Bain, John
Barbour, David J.
Barton, Livingston
Benjamin, Geo. M.
Bottles, J. H.
Bottles, James L.
Boyd, A.L.
Burner, J.
Cade, Dr. G. F. (Might be G.E. Cade. Rasmussen notes G.M. Cade)
Cartner, W.
Conder, James
Cook, B. P.
Coon, R. A.
Cox, Jho D.
Crew, H.
Crook, Geo. R.
Crook, James. B. M.
Crook, Mrs. J. B. M.
Crow, H.M.
Cumming, Geo.
Cunningham, A.
Curtins, Nathaniel
Davis, G. C.
Desha, Robert
Deuscher, John (Rasmussen's spelling is: Doescher)
Duescher, Albert (Rasmussen's spelling is: Doescher)
Dunston, Geo.
Easton, E. J.
Eaton, Wm.
Evine, R. F. (Might be R.F. Eving. Rasmussen's spelling is: Evins)
Farmer, Joseph
Francis, Charles
Gansevort, G. W. (Could be Gausevort. Rasmussen also has Gansevort)
Gardner, E. B.
Graver, R. J.
Green, A. B.
Green, A. M.
Green, L. J.
Green, Robert
Griffin, George G. (Rasmussen has George C. Griffin)
Gullian, R. W.
Hall, A. W.
Hangh, Emor
Harris, C. C.
Hawson, H. C.
Hendry, Wm.
Henegan, Mrs. Ellen
Herrick, Nelson R.
Hickox, E. M.
Holmer, W. F.
Horn, Geo.
Husson, Robert
Hutt, J. (Might be J. Butt or J. Rutt)
Jackman, W. W.
Kennedy, M. H.
Kern, John
Krausbeck, E.
Lea, A. J.
Letcher, James
Lewis, E. R.
Lhoste, E. F.
Liles, H. H.
Love, G. J.
Lowe, W. B.
Malon, G. Y.
Martin, Wm.
McClain, J. S.
McClure, John
McCrackin, W. F.
McKelly, John
McKenzee, Donald
McKinley, Thos.
Miller, John
Mix, Benjamin
Morgan, Isaac
Morry, Wm.
Nehr, Louis
Newson, W. A.
Noel, E.
Orr, Samuel C.
Pratt, Wm.
Ray, Thomas
Reeder, William
Reyan, Wm.
Riser, D. M.
Robert, J. C.
Roberts, R.
Sagum, Capt. B.
Sawyer, A.
Smith, John S.
Smith, M.
Starky, C.
Stetson, C. C.
Stevens, J. N.
Stevens, L.
Taylor, Francis. E.
Thompson, J. B.
Tucker, J. W.
Vaugh, A. J.
Ward, W. H.
Wattenbasger, Samuel
Wilkinson, John
Willbings, H. D.
Winham, M. A.


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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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