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Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco Barque Panama

Arrive San Francisco

March 4, 1853
Barque Panama
Captain Henly
From Panama


16 days from San Juan. 70 passengers.


Merchandise: 60 octaves wine, 12 bbls twine; 2003 bags barley, 45 bxs chickens; 5 do turkeys, 5 do mustard; 5 do pickles; 5 do Stoughton's elixir, 36 hf bbls park; 34 sacks rice, 7 bales sarsaparilla, 35 sacks coffee, 100 hf bbls flour, 1301 cedar boards, 40 bbls cement, 6 pkgs merchandise. To E.D. Heatly & Co


Alves, G.F.
Amede, C.
Amon, Wm.
Arthur, R.
Bainbridge, Anna Maria
Bainbridge, J.W. (died on board of "old age")
Bake, S.
Bayley, H.C. and lady
Bemger, F.
Bonnard, J.
Broune, C.
Chitner, S.
Cone, A.
Cone, F.
Cone, M.
Daase, M.
Davis, John and wife
Egan, N.
Ellison, C.
Fenley, J.
Finnis, R.
Fischer, M.
Foley, M. and lady
Fonguston, C.
Gaither, Robert
Gordon, W.G.
Harris, Wm.
Helmes, J.
Herbert, G.
Hinds, Jno
Hoffman, Wm.
Hoopea, John and lady
Jamison, R.
Jeffers, E.
Jones, M.E.
Langley, E.
Mackase, Jacob
Mackase, N.M.
Mallery, J.
Morsemosque, J.
Moses, M.
Murphy, Wm.
Myers, M.
Olford, W.C.
Patterson, O. (died on board of "general debility")
Patterson, Wm.
Payne, G.H.
Payne, N.
Poola, J.
Power, P.
Rest, L.
Ritzy, F.
Robinson, J.
Rosenthorp, M.
Sandes, P.
Scanall, J. and lady
Schubants, E.
Sinclair, S.
Spiller, J.
Sullivan, J.
Walton, J.
Wernley, H.
White, B.
White, C.
White, E.
White, J.
White, M.
White, P.
White, T.
Willis, S.Z.
Willis, T.N.
Woodcock, P.

Boat landing at the Chagres River in Panama prints available.
Boat Landing at the Chagres River, Panama.
Prints available by clicking on the image.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; Maritime Library, San Francisco, California, various Maritime Museums around the world.

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