Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Brother Jonathan

Arrive San Francisco

March 26, 1854
SS Brother Jonathan
Captain J. Bodfish
From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Daily Alta California, March 27, 1854

Eighteen Lives Lost! - Break Down

The Nicaragua Steamship Company's steamer Brother Jonathan, arrived yesterday afternoon about 5 o'clock. She brings no later dates than were received by the California. Her detention was caused by the breaking of her air pump and derangement of her machinery, and heavy gales in the Gulf of Tehuantepec. She brings 1100 passengers, 197 of whom are ladies.

On the 11th of March, two days out of San Juan, one of the boilers gave out and leaked so that it could not be used. The vessel was brought to anchor, and in about six hours the boiler was mended so that the steamer made Acapulco, where she lay two days for repairing.

On the 20th, a flue burst, and the water running down upon the coal sent up a large amount of steam, which created a little alarm among the green passengers. After this incident but one wheel was used to this port.

We are under obligations to Capt. Bodfish, of the Brother Jonathan, for stopping his vessel to allow our marine reporter to board him.

Among the passengers by the Jonathan is Mr. Charles Burke, the comedian.


Steamer Brother Jonathan, Capt. J. Bodfish, left San Francisco Feb. 16th, at 5 P. M., and arrived at San Juan del Sur on the morning of March 1st. Left San Juan on the night of March 8th. Experienced very heavy gales in the Gulf of Tehuantepec; broke air pump and otherwise damaged the machinery. Arrived at Acapulco on the morning of the 14th. Left Acapulco on the 16th. March 20th, at 8 P. M., spoke steamer Courts 50 miles north of Cape Lazaro. Arrived at San Francisco March 26th, at 5 P. M.


The B. J. brings 103 packages for Adams and Co., and 64 for Wells, Fargo & Co.


Ackerman, H. and wife
Adams & Co.'s Messengers
Allen, H. N.
Ansaldo, L.
Arnold, T. D.
Ayres, Miss Sarah
Bachelor, D.
Barker, E. H.
Barney, S. and wife
Bart, F. B.
Bartlett, E.
Bell, Jas.
Benard, M.
Berger, Mrs. and five children
Berolgheimer (Barolgheimer ), M.
Berry, A. and wife
Blemeaur, S. and wife
Boies, Miss E.
Bowerman, D.
Bowman, J.
Bowman, J. R. wife and three children
Buffum, F.
Bunnell, J. B.
Burk, Chas.
Burk, Thos.
Burton, Mrs. S. and infant
Cahill, Miss Johanne
Carroll, Mrs. G. L. and two infants
Carver, R.
Clark, G.
Clark, J. W.
Clark, L. C.
Clyde, Mr.
Codding, E. B.
Cole, Mrs.
Coles, Jacob
Collins, Mrs. D. and infant
Coney, Mrs. D.
Connell, Alex
Curtiss, S. P.
Dalton, J. and wife
Dalton, Mrs. R.
Darnell, H. Y.
Day, G. R. (or C. R.)
Dickinson, A.
Dore, C. S.
Driscoll, Miss H.
Dwyer, Mrs. J.
Elliot, J.
Elliott, C.
Eltringham, J.
Farrington, H.
Fauham, C. A.
Flaming, Miss M.
Flaming, P.
Foster, J. A.
Fox, Mrs. John and three children
Fraser, A.
Fraser, D.
Fraser, James
Freezer (Fraser), A. S. and wife
Frost, Miss J
Gardner, W. S.
Glasgow, J. R. wife and three children
Goldsmith, Mrs. R. and child
Gorman, Miss Mary
Gould, A. and two children
Gould, Mrs. L.
Green, Mrs. S. G. and infant
Gualier (Cualier ), Madame L.
Guthrie, Mrs. M. A.
Hall, M.
Hall, Mrs. J. and infant
Hamers, T.
Harper, T. F.
Hart, J. G.
Hart, Miss M.
Harthan, L. E.
Hastings, Mr.
Hawley, E. R. and wife
Heath, C. G.
Helzelber, A. G.
Hewlett, J. H.
Hildreth, Mrs. D. and infant
Hill, Mrs. J. and servant
Hittle, Geo.
Hodgkin (Hedgkin ), E.
Hook, A. J.
Howard, D.
Howe, J. and wife
Hume (Hame ), J.
Hunter, S.
Hutching, M.
Kain (Kaiu ), Miss
Keller, Geo. and two boys
Kendall, Mrs. and two children
Kepler, Wm.
Kerrigan, J. F.
Kersey, Robert
Klifstone (Klifstene ), J.
Laird, A.
Laumater, Mrs. E. and two children
Leach, Thos.
Lewis, Mrs.
Locke, J. G.
Maccrellish, F. and wife
Martin, Mrs. Ann
McConnell, Miss B.
McDonald, O. and wife
McDougal, A.
McKinney, D.
McKinney, J.
McMahon, Mrs. P.
McMahon, P.
Mead, Mrs. C. A. and child
Merble, Nelson
Merrill, A. W.
Miller, W. L.
Mitchell, W.
Moore, H. H.
Morton, Capt. C. C., wife and child
Morton, D.
Murray, R., Jr.
Neufelder, Madame F. and servant
Newman, D.
Newstadler, L. W.
Northrop, Miss D. P.
Northrop, Mrs. B. C.
Northrop, Mrs. R. G.
O'Brien, J.
O'Brien, Miss E.
O'Neal, Miss Mary
O'Neale, D. wife and infant
Patterson, A.
Peterson, F. W. and wife
Piper, F. A.
Pluge, Mrs. and child
Plumb, Mrs. B. W.
Potter, J. G.
Potter, J. T.
Pratt, E.
Proctor, J.
Rawson, Dr. C. H.
Raymond, C. F. wife and infant
Reeves, Mrs. J. W.
Rieta, E.
Riker, L.
Ringot, J.
Ringot, Miss Cath
Roberts, J.
Robinson, Mrs. E. and infant
Rogers, Mrs. P. K. and child
Rosenblatt, S.
Rosenstein, J.
Rutherford, F. A. wife and infant
Schulpell, S.
Scofield, C. F.
Shaefer, G. B.
Shanges, Miss B. A.
Shangroine (Shangreine ), W.
Shannon, J. and wife
Sheffield, H., Jr.
Shortwell, Isaac
Shortwell, Wm.
Sinclair, Mrs. J.
Smart, Mrs. J.
Smith, Miss J.
Smith, Miss S. A.
Specker, L.
Stanley, Mrs. E. and servant
Stone, M. and wife
Strauss, Louis
Taft, L. C. and wife
Thayer, J. S.
Thomas, Geo. H.
Togg, E. S.
Togg, J.
Upham, A.
Van Horn, E. S.
Varley, L. H.
Varnes (Varues ) R. D.
Wallace, James
Wallace, Mrs. Thos. and child
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Messengers
Welsh, Mrs. and three children
Welsh, Nancy and three children
West, Mrs. J. and two children
White, Miss F.
Whitney, E.
Whitney, J.
Williams, H.
Wilson, R. M.
Wines, Mrs.
Winkley, W. P.
Wolcott, E. A.
Woodheim, Miss A. G. W.
Wrim, Mrs. M. and infant
And a full compliment in the steerage

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