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San Francisco Gold Rush Years. 1800s.

SS Orizaba

Arrive San Francisco

September 13, 1859
SS Orizaba
Captain James H. Blethen
From Panama


September 13, 1859, Sacramento Daily Union


The Orizaba arrived in San Francisco, Sunday evening, Sept. 11th, at 10 o'clock. Owing to the telegraphic operators not being in their offices, her arrival was not chronicled in the Sacramento morning papers. We take the following from the Bee's dispatch of yesterday:

The opposition steamer Orizaba unexpectedly made her appearance last night at 10 o'clock, bringing dates from New York to August 20th.


The Orizaba left San Francisco for Panama, August 8th, and arrived August 19th. August 29th, sailed irom Panama with 850 passengers and 680 packages of freight.

The passengers per Uncle Sam, July 20th, made the trip to New York in twenty one days and six hours beating the Golden Age eighteen hours. The Tehuantepec Company's steamer Oregon arrived at Acapulo, Sept. 4th, with New Orleans dates to August, but brought neither express bags or newspapers. So the Captain of the steamer reported. Had heavy winds and hard seas all the way up from Cape St. Lucas. The running time from New York was twenty days and nineteen hours.


(Note: List needs rechecking; listings were glitched)

W. H. Taylor and wife, Miss M. A. Pattlson, Miss H. Becket, J. S. Birch, Dr W. 0. Parker and wife, R. W. Avery and wife, Dr. G. R. Warren, Mrs W. O. Stratton, Mrs H. S. Dow, H. Becober and son, R. H. McCracken, Miss E. Holaen, H. Treet, wife and child, A. B. Starr, S. H. Taylor, W. C. Palmer, Miss S. Dehaun, W. M. Jordan and wife, Mrs S. Anderson, Mrs. Drew, Miss E. Runnals, M. Goldman, D. F. Conway, H. Wilson, S. P. French, M. Wright, B. F. Chapman, E. Dyer and wife, R. C. Merritt, Q. D. Briggs, 0. C. Taylor, wife and two children; 0. Fitch and wife, G. W. Orampton, G. Silverman, E. Morgan, A. 0. Bowley, G. H. Francis, M. L. Johnson, Mrs E. F. Gender and three children, J. W. Cullen, Mrs B. Bedford, 0. W. Allen, J. P. Fay, Mrs. Bryson and children, T. Newman, Miss A. Stroubb, B. Woldenberg, Mrs. Kumpt, Mrs R. Ramer, Wm. Xinney, J. Aftnburg, Thomas Burke, J. Readen, J. H. Yeomans, Mrs Paine, W. N. Murrill, D. 0. Rogers, L. Noyes, S. R. E. Dotaon, E. Deal, R. Williams, Mrs M B. Gilmore and child, Miss. Kromer, Miss M. Casey, W. Sutherland, wife and child; James Burke, D. Hill, F. 0. Morris, Mr. Horton, H. Nathan and brother, W. W. McKenUl, J. S. Sutton, J. F. Lester, W. N. Fessbung, Master Drow, T. H. Langton, X. Cathen, J. M. Ede, S. D. O'Donnell, S. Whitlock, W. Whitlock, O. H. Whltlock, 0. H. Warren, F. O. Jones, Wm. Steel, Mrs Lady, R. J. Johnson, 0. Hardenburgh, W. Bailor, wife and child; H. L. Beecher, Miss M. A. Brown, Mrs G. F. Sharp, D. Fay, S. D. Valentine, Mrs. W. Smith and child, Mr S. J. Milder, Miss Moireu, E. Driehllng and wife, B. F. Greeley, Mr. Dickinson, L. J. Fish, 0. Wilson, J. H. Newbury, H. Griffin, J. Newcomber, J. D. Van Allen, Mrs. Munson and three children, J. S. Gilddon, wife and sister; L. D. Hawkins, Miss. H. Myer, Miss. Rosa Strouss, B. F. Whltlock, 0. Groman, Miss C. Strouss, J. Graham, J. D. Watson, Mr. Brown, R. Brown

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