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Passengers: San Francisco 1800s SS Gold Hunter

Arrive San Francisco

November 19, 1850
Captain M'Lane
37 days from Acapulco, Mexico, with stops in Mazatlan, San Diego, Monterey


37 days from Acapulco, Mexico, via Mazatlan, Mexico, 27 days, St. Quentin harbor, 10 days, San Diego, California, 9 days, and Monterey, California, 12 hours. After leaving Mazatlan ran out of coal and had to put into St. Quentin harbor, where vessel remained for twelve days when she was supplied from San Diego, California. 


Three bales leather, 176 bags beans, $300,000 in specie. Consignees per Gold Hunter - Robinson, Russell & Co., M Ochoa, Goddeffroy, Sillem & Co. E Vischer, Riel Bertham & Co, B. Davidson, J Chauviteau & Co, C Minturn, T Shaw.


From the Sacramento Transcript, November 22, 1850

Rev. A. Fitch, D. D., C. Brooks, H. Bernard and servant, J. Barron, W. Bell, D. I. Ramirez and servant, A. Mendia, F. Molera, D. D. Pintos, Jose de Laguna, E. Andsade, F. Herpe, F. Cazenora, N. Lassepas, I. Larraza, A. Flentes, P. Garcia, Marcella Martinez, Mariquita Martinez, Cleta Martinez, Dorio Martinez, N. Malvaso, F. Malvaso, A. Camarina, P. Eliscondo, P. Ontidera, M. Garcia, H. H. Jacobs, M. Fleshner, Mr. Mails, M. Redet, Clemencia Rodriguez, Mr. Curry, A. Gonzalez, J. Brecero, D. Keogh, F. Claguna, C. Cazenora, Lieut S. F. Flunt, J.S. N.; Maj N. W. Brown, U.S.A.: Lieut Johns, U.S.A., B. F. Reed, Capt. Haley, C. H. Hayford, J. Pardia, Mr. Duff, Mr. Ames, M. W. H. Dsavis, E. Sebasstian, S. M. Hammonds, P. C. Boger, J. B. Boger, J. Carney, A. J. M. Mickie, R. P. Bell, Mitchell Griffin, Edw. Harrell, Jasper Harrell, Mr. Bird, Samuel Allen, J. B. Bachelder, J. J. Martin, A. Tulley, T. J. Rogers, J. F. Tasker, E. R. Willis and servant, N. R. Barton, F. H. Martin, M. J. Cox, J. Riley, A Morris. W. Hack, C. Carasco, B. Brocking, T. Shaw, J. I. Sampson, J. McClure, W. M. McAllister, R. Farrar, J. Warren, R. H. Lane, Dr. G. T. Griffin, G. Marcias, J. Marks, M. McVickars, J. Holmes, J. W. Coffin, M. Kamivez (cq), J. Allen, G. Leonard, Donna R. Aide and 2 children. 120.

From a second source -- Passengers

From Acapulco

Brooks, Charles 
Fitch, Rev. A.

Historical map of Central America. 1860.

From Mazatlan

Andrade, Evarista 
Barron, Jose 
Bell, Mr. 
Bernard, Hipolito and servant 
Brecero, J. 
Camarina, Anto 
Cazenora, Camilo 
Cazenova, Feo 
Claguna, Fes 
Curry, Mr. 
De Jiutas, Diego 
De Laguna, Jose De. 
Elisondo, J. 
Fleshener, Marcos 
Fletes, Anto 
Garcia, Meguel 
Garcia, Rio 
Gonzalez, A. 
Herpe, Faustino 
Jacobs, H. H. 
Keogh, Dennis 
Larraza, Ildefonso 
Lassepas, N. 
Mails, Mr. 
Malvaso, B. 
Malvaso, Nicolas 
Martinez, Cleta 
Martinez, Daris 
Martinez, Marcella 
Mendia, Mr. A. 
Molera, Francisco 
Mortinez, Mariquita 
Outidera, Jerfasota 
Ramirez, Dona Iza and servant 
Redet, Morris 
Rodriguez, Clemencia

From San Diego

Allen, Lemuel 
Ames, Mr. 
Atkins, John R. 
Bachelder, J. B. 
Barton, Nathan R. 
Bell, R.P. 
Blunt, Lt. Simeon F., U. S. Navy 
Boyer, J.B. 
Boyer, Peter C. 
Brooking, B. 
Brown, Major N. W., U.S. Army 
Carasco, Crecencio 
Carney, James 
Cox, M. J. 
Davis, William A. 
Duff, Mr. 
Farrar, R. 
Girffin, Dr. P. J. 
Griffin, Mitchell 
Hack, William 
Haley, Capt. 
Hammands, S. M. 
Harrell, Edward 
Harrell, Jasper 
Hayford, C. H. 
Holmes, John 
Hulsey, Charles 
Jardid, Juan 
Johns, Lt., U. S. Army 
Johnson, James 
Lane, R.H. 
Marcias, Gregoria 
Marks, J. 
Martin, J. H. 
Martin, John J. 
McAllister, G. M. 
McClure, James 
McMickie, A. J. 
McMickie, John C. 
Morris, Abraham 
Parris, W. M. 
Reed, L. F. 
Riley, John 
Rogers, T. I. 
Sebastian, E. 
Shaw, T. 
Tasker, J. F. 
Thompson, Isaac 
Towne, Almond S. 
Tully, Abraham 
Vickara, Michael 
Warren, J. 
Willis, E. R. and servant

From Monterey

Allar, George 
Allar, Joseph 
Arila, Dona Rosa and two children 
Coffin, J. W. 
Leonard, George 
Ramirez, Matto

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