Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Constitution

Arrive San Francisco

June 8, 1865
SS Constitution
J. T. Watkins, Commander
From Panama


Daily Alta California, June 9, 1865, San Francisco, California

Arrival of the Constitution

The P.M.S.S. Co's steamer Constitution, Commodore J. T. Watkins, arrived from Panama on the afternoon of the 8th inst.

Purser's Report

P. M. S. S. Constitution, J. T. Watkins Commander, left San Francisco, May 3d, at 11:15 A.M.: arrived May 10th, 8:55 A.M. at Acapulco, and left 12:20 P. M.; arrived May 16th, 5 A.M., at Panama. Returning, left Panama May 25th, at 11:50 P.M., with 500 passengers, 750 tons freight and 290 packages mail matter; arrived at Acapulco May 31st, at 5:30 P.M.; landed 50 tons freight, received supplies, and left at 11 :30 P.M.. ; arrived June 2d, at 3:30 A.M. in Manzanillo, landed 60 tons freight, received $80,000 in treasure, and left at 7:35 A.M. arrived June 8th, at 3 P.M., in San Francisco. Since leaving Cape St. Lucas experienced strong N. W. winds, with heavy sea.

The Constitution brings freight as follows: Ex English steamers Fire Queen and Tama; ex Talca from South America; ex steamers Ariel and Costa Rica. Left in port of Panama U. S. S. Cyane, storeship Farallones, coal-ship Frank Pierce, and Peruvian man-of-war Guisse. In port of Acapulco U. S. S. Saranac and P. M. S. S. California.


Lazard Freres; Lazenberg & Co.; H. A. Lyons; P. Lewis & Bro.; S. Herman & Co.; Adelsdorffer Bros.; Godchaux Freres; B. L. Solomon & Sons; Lowenhelm & Co.; L. E. Week & Co.; Bey & Kallish; R. Liddle & Co.; Agard, Foulkes & Co.; Rodgers, Meyer & Co.; Murphy, Grant & Co.; Levinson & Bro.; Faulkner, Bell & Co.; J. Underhill & Co.; H. C. Lee; Hooker & Co.; Heynemann & Co.; Rosenbaum & Freidman; W. A. Whitehouse; Wormaer Bros.; Verdier, Kaindler & Co.; Morris Speyer; Wells Fargo & Co.; W. Reed & Co.; Koening & Co.; G. Brignardelli; Faulkenstein & Co.; James Patrick & Co.; L. & E. Wertheimer; Weil & Co.; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co.; R. Feuerstein & Co.; T. Lemmen Meyer; Henry S. Babcock; E. Vischer; A. E. Sabatie & Co.; N. Larco; Barron & Co.; L. Lastreto; Jose Berton; J. P. Raymond; J. A. Sinclair; Rusell & Erwin Manufacturing Co.; W. H. Gibson; Oliver Eldridge; U. S. Mail; Order


Sir Jas. Douglass & son, W. B. Farwell & servt. Gov. Bigler and wife, Hon. Milton S. Latham, Mrs. G. H. Moore & son, Chas. McLaughlin and J. Hutchinson, wife, C. T. H. Palmer & wife, Mrs. Shearer and child, Miss E. Potter, Miss Lawrence, Mrs. Mathias, S. E. Smith and wife, Thos. Lee and family, B. D. Van Pelt, Mrs. E. C. Windsor & son, Henry Starr, W. A. Goodyear, John Boone, H. B. Angell and family, T. A. Blake, J. Winchester, Miss Sarles, Mrs. N. E. Bowles, J. Gordon, Miss E. Mitchell, Miss F. Lewis, Mrs. J. A. Scudder and Miss Cassia Letterman, two children, mother and servant, J. H. White, J. A. Scudder, Rev. R. B. Snowden and J. J. Lyons, wife, James Clough, Mrs. R. B. Richardson Rev. F. B. Wheeler, and child, N. Haywood and family, W. O. Mills, Mrs. Sanderson, J. A. Haywood, G. A. Abaxsa, A. C. Bradford and wife, Miss H. C. Wager, D. Hardy, R. H. Goodyear, Capt. G. B. Butler and Miss N. E. Barnes, wife, Miss M. Lazarus, A. Vanderberg, S. B. Solomon, F. Schleifer and wife, C. P. Allison and wife, Mrs. A. Fulton, E. P. Folger, George Platt, Judge E. Lander, D. McCavish, Mr. Duff, George Clymer, G. B. McAneny, Mr. Rowe, Mrs. S. Barrett, J. Kleinhaus, Mrs. H. Loeb & child, Mrs. R. Holmes & child, A. J. Gladding, Mrs. E. Monier, Mrs. M. Monier and 3, Mrs. M. L. Denison and children, child, Miss Denison & sister, Mrs. G. L. Waters, child Mrs. J. Taylor & ch'n, and servant, J. W. Frederick, A. Coolidge, Mr. P. Hennary, Mrs. H. C. Bull, Mrs. M. E. Stewart, Mrs. S. D. Jones & ch'n, Miss Fannie Jones, Mrs. J. J. Comstock, C. K. Smith, A. G. Agnew, Thos. H. Faile, Jr., Dr. Brocklebank, Misses Buchan, J. W. Martin and wife, Jas. Miltimore, Mrs. M. A. Wells, Mrs. F. Young, W. D. Douglass, Mrs. Means & 3 ch'n, Miss Smart, S. G. Bogart, A. Muller, J. S. Hall and wife, N. Cole and family, R. C. Myrick and wife, H. Newell, A. M. Cook, Mrs. E. W. Cook, Miss Mary Cook, Mrs. C. Martin, S. Merrill, G. W. Kingsbury, Miss Soules, Capt. R. W. Scott and 2 Hon. W. A. G. Young servants, and family, Miss Good, Mrs. Rhodes & 3 ch'n, E. Grisar and wife, W. Commons, U. S. N. J. McGonigall, U. S. N. G.E. Parsons & wife, O. Linden, Capt. W. Conte, Fr'ch A. J. Peck, Navy, And three hundred and sixty others.


Passengers will be conveyed from Panama to Aspinwall by the Panama Railroad Company, and from Aspinwall to New York by the Atlantic and Pacific Steamship Company.

A Baggage Master will be sent through each trip.

Agent P.M.S. Co.
Corner Sacramento and Leidesdorff sts.,
San Francisco


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