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Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco

SS Pacific

Arrive San Francisco

January 17, 1853
SS Pacific
Captain La Fevre
From San Juan del Sur


Daily Alta California

Vanderbilt Nicaragua steamer Pacific, Captain LaFevre, arrived yesterday afternoon from San Juan, which port she left on the 3d instant, bringing New York papers down to the 20th of December. The Pacific has thus brought her passengers through inside of 27 days. Among the number of passengers are fifty-eight females and thirty-six children. The Pacific experienced exceedingly severe weather this side of Cape St. Lucas. We are indebted to Purser Poole for his attentions to the news collector of this establishment. Our advices form the Atlantic are from New York and New Orleans to Dec. 20, and from London and Liverpool to Dec. 4th. The papers received are not in complete files, and the intelligence is without interest.

There is an important movement on foot in Washington, in regard to our foreign relations and the recent movements of France in Haiti and Mexico.

The New York Herald says that the present Congress intends to assume the initiative in supporting the new administration in taking bold and high ground in its relations with the strong powers of Europe, and in the protection of the weaker nations of the earth. Speculations as to who will compose the cabinet of General Pierce are still all the rage in Washington, as well as elsewhere.


Baker, H.
Baldwin, J.
Baldwin, Mrs. S.
Bians, W.C. (could be Binns)
Bishnott, J.
Bishnott, Mrs. E.
Bogert, J.
Bonnell, H. J. (could be H. J. Bennell)
Brady, C.
Breckwedel, J.
Breckwedel, Mrs. and two children
Brison, Mrs. and child
Britton, A.
Britton, J. (could be Brixton or Brinton)
Brown, J. W.
Bruner, P.
Bult, Capt. S. and lady (perhaps Bolt)
Burns, T.
Campbell, Miss
Campbell, W., wife and two children
Churchill, C.
Coffin, Capt. O. C., lady and two children
Coffin, Geo. And lady
Collier, F.F.
Cox, R.
Cronin, C.
Darrow, Mrs. and child
Doan, M.
Doan, Mrs. M. and daughter
Dohn, Catharine
Dohn, P.
Doyle, J.
Doyle, Jno T.
Doyle, Miss
Doyle, Mrs. J.
Doyle, R. E.
Emery, Miss
Emery, W. (This looks like Emary in the Alta, but there is an Emery aboard
Fisher, P., lady and child
Fitz Henry, C.
Forbes, Mrs. and two children
Ford, W., lady and daughter
Fox, Mrs. and child
Frazier, A.
Frazier, J.
Frazier, Mrs.
Frazier, Mrs. J.
Fulger, Mrs. J. L. and three children
Fulger, R. F. (perhaps P. Fulger)
Gardner, A.
Gardner, D.B.
Gardner, Mrs. A.
Gibson, Mrs. R.
Gotson, W.
Hanay, M and wife
Handy, J.
Harris, B.
Hart, M.
Hayes, M.A.
Hays, J.
Henderson, J.B.
Henderson, Miss
Henderson, S., lady and child
Henderson, W.O.
Herron, Miss Mary
Higham, J.L.
Hinkley, C.N.
Hodges, E.
Hoffman, Ann
Hopkins, R.
Houston, J.H.
Houston, Mrs. and three children
Hunt, J.
Hutchings, J.
Jacobs, O.
Joiner, Mrs. L.
Jones, Miss E.
Jones, Mrs. G. M. and three children
Jones, Mrs. T. and son
Joyce, T.
Ker, Wm.
Kilton, Miss E. J.
Laing, W.
Lewis, E.
Lowd, D.
Lowd, T.
Mallory, D.
Marony, Margaret
Marony, Miss M.
Matiot, J.
Matthews, A.
Matthews, A.
Matthews, B.
Matthews, C.
McCarty, J.
McClain, G.
McCullough, J. J.
McKay, Mrs. and child
McKenzie, J.
Mead, T. and lady
Meguire, M. (could be Mcguire)
Miller, A.
Mills, T.
Monroe, Mrs. and child
Moss, B.
Munday, S.G.
Murray, J.
Murray, Mrs. J.
Myers, Miss Sarah
Nentee, N.C.
O Brian, J.
O Brian, Miss Kate
O Brian, Mrs. J.
Pierce, W. plus 165 in steerage
Polk, George
Reebe, H.
Reese, N.
Rierson, Mrs. and Mrs.
Roaler, A.
Rogers, J.N.
Rogers, John
Rogers, Mrs. B.
Simpson, B.
Smith, Dr.
Straus, S.
Swain, Miss J.
Swain, Mrs. M.
Taylor, C.
Taylor, J.E.
Thompson, W.
Tifts, Mrs. and child
Timpson, P.
Tortelle, J.
Travers, J.
Travers, Mrs. S.
Turner, Geo.
Vaile, W.
Vermilye, W.
Vreeland, G.
Ward, M.
Wheeler, O. M.
White, J. V.
Wilkinson, Mrs.
Williams, C. H. S.
Williams, Maria
Williams, T. R.
Williams, Virginia
Williams, W.
Willis, Miss A.
Wood, Mrs. S. and two children
Young, Chas.
Young, Mrs. E.
Young, W.

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