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A History of Immigration in America.
Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American LifeHistory of Immigration in America.
Roger Daniels
This revised edition is an engrossing study of various waves of immigrants to the United States from the colonial era to the present. This is a useful book for anyone who has an interest in learning brief histories of most groups of immigrants to the United States. It also provides a theoretical understanding of the reasons for immigration. Though it is particularly useful in its examination of the pre-colonial and colonial periods.

Migration in World History.
Migration in World History
(Themes in World History)
Migration in World History.
Patrick Manning
Drawing on examples from a wide range of geographical regions and thematic areas, noted world historian Patrick Manning guides the reader through trade patterns, including the early Silk Road and maritime trade, effect of migration on empire and industry, earliest human migrations, major language groups, various leading theories around migration.


Coming to America.
Coming to America:
A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life
First Immigrants to America.
Roger Daniels

Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Moses Taylor

Arrive San Francisco

Monday, April 20, 1863, 2 PM
SS Moses Taylor
Captain James H. Blethen, Commander
From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Daily Alta California, Tuesday, April 21, 1863

The opposition steamer Moses Taylor, arrived Monday afternoon, at 2 oclock. Note: She was part of the People's Opposition Steamship Line connecting California and New York via Nicaragua. She was scheduled to turn right around and sail out of San Francisco on the 23rd, however, "In order to give time for the arrival of the U.S. Gunboat at San Juan to protect the transit," she was detailed until Thursday, April 30. This was during the Civil War, the French had marched into Mexico, the British were in China repressing "rebels," Egypt was undergoing some political strife, and there were riots in New York.


Saturday, April 11th, 12 M., passed steamer Golden Age, 85 miles east of Acapulco. All well on board; no sickness, no deaths, since leaving New York.


Angle, Mrs. L. A.
Babbit, Mrs.
Batchelder, R. G.
Bayler, Lewis C.
Bennett, G. and wife
Berney, C.
Berry, J. T.
Best, A. W.
Blethen, Captain and family (This is strange in that Captain Blethen was commander of this ship: presumably this is referring to his wife and children as they did move out from New York)
Boakin, J.
Bowers, D.
Bradford, Mrs. and son
Briggs, A.
Brondupky, Mr. and Mrs.
Brown, S. and wife
Buchanan, P. and wife
Cameron, Miss M.
Campbell, J.
Campe, Mr.
Carey, Miss Ann
Carniff, Miss
Carriagn, Miss M.
Carter, J.
Casey, J.
Cavan, J., wife and sister
Cavin, D.L.
Chase, J.L.
Cinnamon, Ellen
Clark, G.G.
Cork, W.W.
Cushman, H.S.
Dehr, J.
Delameter, C.C.
Delameter, V.W.
Dow, Mr. and wife
Duke, Mr. and wife
Edwards, R.M. and two sons
Fortin, E.
French, L. W.
Froom, A.
Froom, J.W.
Frost, C. H.
Gasmire, Mr. and wife
Gibson, J., wife and child
Gorman, Mr. and wife
Graw, Miss B. N.
Gray, Miss Jane
Griffin, A.T., wife and two children
Griser, Mrs. M.
Guide, Miss A. M.
Guide, Mrs. B. M.
Harrigan, J.
Harrigan, Miss M.
Hastings, Miss C.
Hatch, G.W.
Hatch, J.L.
Hatch, O.
Hemmingway, Mrs. W. W. and boy
Henderson, D.
Herbert, A.
Herrington, J.
Hirr, J.
Hirsford, J.
Holly, Mrs. J.
Hoops, L. E.
Hoops, T.
Horne, T. E.
Hougton, A. P.
Howell, H. and wife
Hyams, E.
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. S.B.
James, P.
Kelly, Mrs. W. and two children
Kelly, W.
Kelsey, Mr. and wife
Keogh, S.M.
Klinton, J. and wife
Lacy, Mrs. C.
Langroom, E.
Lany, Miss M.
Laporte, O. M.
Lawrence, Mrs. H. A.
Leach, R.
Leach, Thos
Lehman, Miss L.
Lehman, Miss L.
Leonard, M. A.
Lester, A. C.
Lew, F. F. (Could be Low or Law)
Madden, J.
Magee, Mrs.
Maxwell, J. G.
May, G., wife and child
May, Mrs. C. C.
McAlpine, E.
McGraw, M.
McGraw, W.
McKenny, Geo and wife
McMartin, ?
Mead, G.
Middleton, W.
Neuefe, J. J. and wife
Nicholson, Mrs. and child
Osbourn, A. D.
Parker, G. W.
Parshall, Mr. and daughter
Paster, S. E., wife and servant
Patten, C. and wife
Pennock, W.
Plaisted, G. P. and wife
Pollig, G. W. and wife
Polly, J. B.
Ragan, H.
Reed, Henry (Express Agent Nicaragua Transit Co.
Sanborn, Miss
Scofield, J. L.
Scofield, Miss
Scott, Mrs.
Scoville, B.
Slayton, G.
Smith, Master
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. C.
Smith, Victor and child
Solomon, J. L. and J.
Specly, J.
Stevenson, J. T.
Storms, L.
Storms, S. P. and wife
Stott, A.
Stott, D.
Ward, J.
Watts, W.
Webb, Mr.
Westjohn, H.
White, Mrs. C. E.
Will, Miss Molly
Wise, Mrs. and son

and 400 other unlisted passengers